What Bikes Do They Use in Tokyo Revengers?

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What Bikes Do They Use in Tokyo Revengers? Mikey
Credit: Liden Films
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Real-life Japanese gangs, particularly the Black Emperors, inspired the Tokyo Revengers manga series. Ken Wakui, the author, is said to have been a member of the Black Emperors and designed the bikes in the manga based on the bikes of his fellow gangmates. In light of this, what bikes do the characters use in Tokyo Revengers?

Spoiler Alert: This article contains Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers leading up to the Tenjiku arc, which the anime has yet to cover.


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What Bikes Do They Use in Tokyo Revengers?

What Bikes Do They Use in Tokyo Revengers? Mikey
Credit: Liden Films

Bikes are a staple among Japanese delinquents. They use it at night to rally the entire gang and represent who and what they are fighting for.

In Tokyo Revengers, bikes are important to the characters not only because they have sentimental value but also because they add to their cool, angsty, and tough persona.

It should also be noted that many junior high school students in Japan, including the characters in Tokyo Revengers, ride bikes because they can get a license as young as 16 years old.

While some of the characters buy it, others build the engines by collecting various motorcycle parts.


What Is Mikey’s Bike?

What is Mikey’s Bike? Mikey
Credit: Liden Films

Mikey rides a Honda cb250t Hawk that was passed down to him by the late Shinichiro Sano. It is his all-time favorite bike, and he refers to it as "Babu" because of the sound produced by the bike's exhaust engine.

The Honda cb250t bike is relatively simple to operate, and anyone who becomes concerned while riding can easily stop it, unlike the other bikes on the list.

Mikey adored his Honda cb250t so much that he once stated that he only wanted to ride it, despite Baji and the others' demands that he buy a new one and replace his Hawk-Maru scooter.

In reality, the Honda cb250t Hawk debuted in 1978, making it a popular vintage bike among biker gangs.

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What Is Takemichi’s Bike?

What is Takemichi’s Bike? Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

Takemichi, like Mikey, owns a Honda cb250t motorbike with parts imported from the Philippines a long time ago. Draken and Mikey built it to thank Takemichi for his efforts following the Christmas Showdown.

Because the engines of both bikes were discovered by Shinichiro Sano, Takemichi's bike is considered Mikey's twin bike.

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What Is Draken’s Bike?

What is Draken's Bike? Draken
Credit: Liden Films

Draken's favorite superbike of all time is the Kawasaki Zephyr 400. As the name of the bike suggests, he calls it Zephyr.

The bike not only complements Draken's appearance, but it also fits his 185 cm height. Draken's tattoo is also imprinted as a decal on the Zephyr 400.

The Zephyr 400 was introduced in 1989, ushering in the era of bikes without cowls, also known as the naked boom.

What Is Mitsuya’s Bike?

What is Mitsuya’s Bike? Mitsuya
Credit: Liden Films

Mikey is well-versed in Mitsuya's Suzuki GSX400FS, also known as Impulse. He is so used to it that he heard it from afar when Mitsuya passed by him and Draken on Christmas Night.

Mitsuya's sweet little Impulse is sometimes referred to as "kitten" or "koneko-chan", depending on his mood.

The words "Tokyo Manji Gang" are also written in kanji on the bike, in the same spot as Draken's iconic tattoo.

Mitsuya has the best bike sound among the Toman members, according to Mikey.

What Is Baji’s Bike?

What is Baji’s Bike? Baji
Credit: Liden Films

Baji Keisuke rides a Suzuki GSX250E, which was introduced in 1984. From the driver's perspective, Baji calls it Goki because it resembles a cockroach (Goki-buri in Japanese).

The bike was initially broken and discarded, but thanks to Baji's efforts, he was able to steadily repair it so that it could run and keep up with the other members' bikes whenever they rallied on the streets.


After Baji was killed in the Bloody Halloween Fight, the Suzuki GSX250E was passed down to his second-in-command, Chifuyu Matsuno, who eventually became Takemichi's trusted partner.

What Is Pah-chin’s Bike?

What is Pah-chin’s Bike? Pah-chin
Credit: Liden Films

Despite Pah-chin's absence from the anime and manga, his bike was identified by fans as the Honda cbx400f. He was able to ride the bike without any problems at the tender age of 12.

Pah-chin's bike first appeared in 1981, and despite its high price, it was very popular at the time.

What Is Peh-yan’s Bike?

What is Peh-yan’s Bike? Pehy-yan
Credit: Liden Films

While Pah-chin rides a Honda motorbike, Peh-yan rides a 1978 Kawasaki Z400FX bike. He calls it Fex, which is a play on the bike's name, Z400FX.

Even though Peh-yan's bike does not appear in many scenes in Tokyo Revengers, it is one of the most visually appealing due to how Ken Wakui depicts it while Peh-yan is blowing its engine.

What Is Kazutora’s Bike?

What is Kazutora’s Bike? Kazutora
Credit: Liden Films

Kazutora is well-known for his unrivaled love and passion for motorcycles. He enjoys riding with the wind on his favorite bike, the Kawasaki KH400, which he also refers to as Rocket.

The Kawasaki KH400 was first introduced in 1976, but it rose to prominence among biker gangs in the 1980s.

While it is not stated who gave Kazutora his bike, it is implied that it was passed down from a senpai.

What Is Smiley’s Bike?

What is Smiley’s Bike? Smiley
Credit: Liden Films

Smiley's bike in the series is a Yamaha RZ250. It first appeared after Smiley ran over a large number of Tenjiku gang members during the Tenjiku arc.

Smiley's Yamaha RZ250 debuted in 1980 and is notable among other bikes for its light body and loud exhaust sound, which is popular among gangs.

The bike's high speed also allows it to outrun other superbikes.

What Is Inui’s Bike?

What is Inui’s Bike? Inui
Credit: Liden Films

Seishu Inui, also known as Inupi, is a founding member of the 10th-generation Black Dragon Gang. He rides a 1983 Yamaha RZ350 as one of Taiju's wingmen.

Inui, like Draken and Mitsuya, added a dragon to the body of his bike, as well as the initials of the Black Dragon Gang, to make it more like him.

What Is Izana’s Bike?

What is Izana’s Bike? Izana
Credit: Ken Wakui / Shounen Magazine Weekly

While Izana no longer rides a bike, he used to enjoy riding with Shinichiro Sano when he was alive.

Izana rides a Honda CBR400F, which is also known as the improved version of Pah-chin's bike.

He admires Shinichiro so much that he constantly wants to do things with him.

He also bonded with Shinichiro most of the time, from learning to ride a motorcycle to fighting delinquents.

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