Who Dies and Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers?

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Who Dies and Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

The second season will focus on the manga's Christmas Showdown arc, but who dies and who survives in Tokyo Revengers among all of the core characters?

To avoid revealing major spoilers about the rest of the Tokyo Revengers' story arcs, this article will only discuss the events leading up to the Christmas Showdown arc and just before the Tenjiku arc in the manga.


Spoiler Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers pertaining to the characters in Tokyo Revengers.

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Who Dies in Tokyo Revengers?

1. Baji Keisuke

Who Dies in Tokyo Revengers Baji Keisuke
Credit: Liden Films

Baji Keisuke is the founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang and a former first-division captain. He decided to join Valhalla after leaving Toman in order to save Kazutora and Mikey from Kisaki Tetta's evil plans.

In the bloody Halloween fight between Toman and Valhalla, Kazutora stabs Baji, unbeknownst to Takemichi, who thought it was just a scratch.

To avoid complicating Kazutora's life any further, Baji takes a knife and stabs himself to death.

2. Shinichiro Sano

Who Dies in Tokyo Revengers Shinichiro Sano
Credit: Liden Films

On the eve of Mikey's birthday, young Kazutora and young Baji snuck into Shinichiro's bike shop, hoping to get Mikey his CB250T bike.

Unfortunately, when Shinichiro discovered Kazutora and Baji in the middle of stealing the bike, Kazutora took it upon himself to hit Shinichiro in the head with a huge wrench, killing Shinichiro in an instant.


Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers?

1. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Mikey
Credit: Liden Films

Mikey, the all-powerful, outlasts Valhalla and even Taiju Shiba of the Black Dragons. No one has ever been able to take him down due to his strong fighting abilities and nuclear kicks.

Mikey's actions gave him the opportunity to grow Toman, with Valhalla's Kisaki Tetta and the Black Dragons joining his gang.

However, before Takemichi returned to the present following the Christmas Showdown, Mikey fired Kisaki despite knowing that Valhalla's 350 members would also leave Toman.


2. Ken "Drakken" Ryuguji

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Drakken
Credit: Liden Films

Despite close calls, Drakken survives the fight in the parking lot thanks to Takemichi's unwavering will and sheer strength to not give up in the face of powerful opponents who can take him down in an instant.

Drakken not only survived a stabbing, but he also recovered from cardiac arrest, much to the relief of Mikey and Takemichi.

From this point forward, Takemichi always ensures that Drakken will not die fighting against gangs such as the Valhalla, the Black Dragon, and even Moebius because Drakken is a core member of the Tokyo Manji Gang who can level up to Mikey when necessary.

3. Takemichi Hanagaki

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Takemichi
Credit: Liden Films

Takemichi survived despite having his face and body mangled in numerous fights.

Instead of dying, Takemichi always rises to the occasion, inspiring other Toman members to do the same, including Mikey, Drakken, Baji, and Chifuyu.

Kisaki always tries to take him down in the present time but fails due to Takemichi's unconventional methods.

4. Kisaki Tetta

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Tetta
Credit: Liden Films

Kisaki Tetta, with his devious and dangerous nature, is not easily defeated. He not only surrounded himself with strong fighters like Hanma, but he could easily persuade anyone to do his dirty work for him.

Hence, Takemichi has always been concerned about him, believing that Kisaki is the source of his future problems.

Kisaki's actions during the Christmas Showdown, however, cost him his position in the Tokyo Manji Gang.

5. Hanma Shuji

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Hanma
Credit: Liden Films

Hanma faced Mikey for the first time in the parking lot fight, which he survived after fleeing with his then-gang.

The next thing he knew, he was fighting with Drakken in the bloody Halloween, where he also survives despite being beaten down by Mikey.

He worked under Kisaki's division after Valhalla joined Toman, where he became a part of Kisaki's underhanded tricks to kill Taiju Shiba and cause internal fighting among Toman members.


6. Taiju Shiba

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Taiju Shiba
Credit: Liden Films

Thanks to Takemichi’s efforts to stop Yuzuha and Hakkai from killing Taiju, the latter survives even after facing Mikey’s nuclear kick during the Christmas Showdown arc.

Taiju, the Black Dragon Gang's 10th leader, retired after Mikey defeated him with a single kick.

Just like that, Taiju's former gang joined Toman in the first division under Takemichi's command.

7. Yuzuha Shiba

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Yuzuha Shiba
Credit: Liden Films

After her mother died, Yuzuha took it upon herself to protect her family, particularly her younger brother, Hakkai. Since then, Yuzuha has shielded Hakkai from Taiju's outbursts and abuse.

Despite this, Yuzuha survives every beating that Taiju inflicts on her in order to protect Hakkai.

Taiju beats Yuzuha in the Christmas Showdown, but thanks to Takemichi, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu, she survives her brother's aggression.

8. Hakkai Shiba

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Hakkai Shiba
Credit: Liden Films

Hakkai has always been abused, along with his sister, Yuzuha, in their home. To get out of the situation, Hakkai joined Toman instead of joining his older brother’s gang.

After Taiju beats Takemichi for the first time, Hakkai believes it is only right to kill Taiju to protect her sister and even Toman's peace.


Takemichi, on the other hand, takes it upon himself to stop Hakkai at all costs in order to avoid a lousy future once and for all.

9. Chifuyu Matsuno

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Chifuyu
Credit: Liden Films

Chifuyu has been in a number of life-threatening situations since joining forces with Takemichi.

In fact, Kisaki shot the present-day Chifuyu before Kazutora arrived to help Takemichi escape.

Chifuyu decides to stick with Takemichi as his partner even after he knew that Takemichi is a time leaper.

After learning about Takemichi's sacrifices and efforts, Chifuyu decides to prevent a bad future from occurring by elevating Takemichi to the top of Toman.


10. Mitsuya Takashi

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Mitsuya
Credit: Liden Films

Mitsuya also survives the fight against Taiju Shiba in the Christmas Showdown Arc. He initially kept his peace agreement with Taiju, hoping that the latter would release Yuzuha from his abuse.

However, after Chifuyu called Mitsuya on Christmas Eve, Mitsuya realized that the only way for Yuzuha and Hakkai to be free of Taiju's clutches is to bring down the entire Black Dragon Gang.

11. Pah-chin

 Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Pah-chin
Credit: Liden Films

In the August 3rd fight between Toman and Osanai’s gang (Moebius), Pah-Chin fought with Osanai to avenge his very close friend.


Despite Mikey's intervention, Pah-Chin chose to stab Osanai. Pah-Chin also surrenders himself to the police, leaving his position in Toman vacant.

Pah-chin was still alive somewhere in police custody during the Christmas Showdown arc.

12. Hinata Tachibana

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Hinata Tachibana
Credit: Liden Films

While Hinata has died numerous times in the present, she was still alive and kicking even after the Christmas Showdown arc, which is why she is on the survivor list.

She not only fixed her relationship with Takemichi during Christmas, but she also celebrated New Year's Eve with everyone.

13. Emma Sano

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano
Credit: Liden Films

Emma, like Hinata, survives the Christmas Showdown arc. She was also able to join everyone in celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Emma played a significant role in the Christmas Showdown arc. After she spoke with Hinata, she called Mikey and Drakken to look for Takemichi.

As a result, Mikey and Drakken arrive just in time to save their friends from embarrassing themselves in front of Taiju Shiba and the Black Dragon Gang.

14. Naoto Tachibana

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Naoto Tachibana
Credit: Liden Films

Naoto Tachibana has always been Takemichi’s accomplice in their plan to prevent Hinata from dying and Toman from becoming corrupt in the future.

Since Naoto was just a child in the past, he was pretty much left unscathed throughout the Christmas Showdown arc.

15. Kazutora Hanemiya

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Kazutora Hanemiya
Credit: Liden Films

Valhalla's third division captain, Kazutora Hanemiya, survives the fight against Toman, even after Mikey knocks him to the ground. This is due to Takemichi and Baji's collaborative efforts to enlighten Mikey on Kazutora's depression and behavior.

In the end, Kazutora realized his mistakes and begged for forgiveness—not only from Mikey but also from Baji, who died in his place.

Kazutora played a significant role in saving Takemichi from Kisaki's attempt to kill him after Takemichi time leaped in this timeline.

16. Inupi and Koko

Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Inupi
Credit: Liden Films

Inupi and Koko are the Black Dragon Gang's founding members, along with Taiju Shiba. They fought against Takemichi and Chifuyu in the Christmas Showdown arc in the hopes of crushing Toman and elevating the Black Dragons to a new level of gang power.

However, after Taiju lost to Mikey, the rest of the Black Dragon members, including Koko and Inupi, decided to join Toman in Takemichi's first division.

 Who Survives in Tokyo Revengers Koko
Credit: Liden Films

After the Christmas Showdown Arc, Takemichi returned to the present only to find out that Mikey had killed all the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang for an unknown reason.


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