Five Coolest Tattoos in Tokyo Revengers You Should Try

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The Coolest Tattoos in Tokyo Revengers

It is quite common for a member of a Tokyo gang to have a prominent tattoo on their body. The reasoning behind this is that the tattoo is a very personal depiction and representation of the gang's life as well as their known attributes. Tattoos are seen on a large number of gang members in Tokyo revengers. With that said, here are the five coolest tattoos in Tokyo Revengers that you should try!

While the show's strength is based on its angst, action, and mystery, Tokyo Revengers has always been meticulous in terms of the gang members' tattoos. On that note, these tattoos are so clean that you might want to try them on your body. These tattoos have a deeper meaning in addition to their cool details and line work.

We've only covered the tattoos from Season 1 of the Tokyo Revengers anime in this article. That said, manga fans shouldn't expect to see South Terrano, Kakucho, the Haitani Brothers, Shion, Taiju, and Izana's badass tattoos.

These Tokyo Revengers tattoos are so awesome, you might use them as inspiration for a new tattoo design! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Take a look at Ken Wakui's work!

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  1. Hanma’s Hand Tattoo

    Hanma has one of the most recognizable Tokyo Revengers tattoos. On his left and right hands, he has two kanji tattoos (Tsumi and Batsu). Sin and punishment are represented by these kanji.

    Don't be fooled by his tattoos; they're on the backs of his hands. Apart from his huge height of 192 cm, this contributes to Hanma's scary appearance. It not only shows how sinful his hands have become as a result of fighting and pummeling his opponents, but it also implies punishment for those who dare to challenge him in hand-to-hand combat.

    The kanjis used in Hanma's hands are the same kanjis used in Fyodor Dostoevsky's best-selling novel Crime and Punishment, in case you didn't know. "When reason fails, the devil follows," and "To go wrong in one's own path is better than to go right in someone else's," are famous phrases from the book. Perhaps the parallel between the two is not coincidental. What are your thoughts?

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  2. Kazutora’s Tiger Tattoo

    Kazutora Hanemiya has yet another classic Tokyo Revengers tattoo. He has a tiger tattoo on his neck that spreads to his shoulder and chest. When we look at Kazutora's name, we see that Kazu means "one," and Tora means "tiger."

    His tiger tattoo is thought to be a representation of his name. A tiger tattoo is often associated with sheer strength, dominance, and power. It is associated with not only fearlessness but also independence and freedom. A tiger tattoo is used as a ward in Japan to fend off evil spirits, ill luck, and ailments.

    Kazutora is a risk-taker and a fierce warrior in the anime, always heading first into battle. He is also a skilled and capable fighter, but he is also extremely reckless, violent, and unrestrained.

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  3. Mikey’s Dragon Tattoo

    Aren't we all familiar with Mikey? His fearsome skills and abilities are practically superhuman in nature, relying only on his incredible leg strength, which can knock anyone out. Mikey's dragon tattoo, as shown above, is on the back of his neck.

    Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey-kun, embodies the qualities that a dragon tattoo represents: strength, grace, and wisdom. In the manga's Bonten timeline, Mikey gets a dragon tattoo in the future when something awful happens to both Draken and Mitsuya. Perhaps this is his way of honoring his fallen companions' splendor and existence.

    Mikey also has a tattoo on the back of his neck as a memorial to Izana in the Tokyo Revengers manga. Izana's Kurokawa earrings appear to be the inspiration for this design. Mikey not only has it, but Kakucho has it tattooed on his chest as well.

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  4. Mitsuya’s Dragon Tattoo

    Mitsuya's dragon tattoo is half of the twin dragon tattoo that Draken has embedded in his temple. It not only has an appealing appearance, but it also adds to Mitsuya's frightening aura. Mitsuya's dragon tattoo, on the other hand, is currently hidden due to his decision to change haircuts and grow his hair.

    Mitsuya had a sidecut to the right before, revealing his twin dragons with Draken. Fans should also know that after trading the art with Karubi-don, Draken asked Mitsuya to hide his dragon tattoo. In case you missed it, Mitsuya has long admired Draken and aspired to one day be on the same level as him.

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  5. Draken’s Dragon Tattoo

    Draken, whose true name is Ryuuguji Ken, has a dragon tattoo on his left temple that reaches down to the back of his neck, making it one of the most prominent tattoos in the anime. Draken appears to be an intimidating man who no one should mess with, thanks to his unique hairstyle that reveals his characteristic dragon tattoo.

    Draken claims that after showing his dragon tattoo, which matches Mitsuya's, he will be a delinquent who cares about his family. Mitsuya and Draken are known as the Tokyo Manji Gang's twin dragons, not only because of their tattoos but also because of their backgrounds.

    Dragon tattoos in Japan represent protection as well as family guardians which bring happiness and longevity to close peers, in connection to Draken's declaration and purpose of becoming a gang member. Apart from that, dragons are highly regarded, which corresponds to Draken's reputation as a respected vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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