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Warrior Nun Creator Rallies With Fans By Joining #SaveWarriorNun Twitter Trend

Netflix has once again canceled another massively beloved show in spite of the immense success it has received upon global viewers and audiences. Warrior Nun has been decisively canceled by the streaming site, as reported on Deadline. Showrunner Simon Barry took his grievances to Twitter to break the announcement with much appreciation to the fans.

However, upon Warrior Nun fans trending #SaveWarriorNun on Twitter, the showrunner doesn’t back down and rallies with fans by joining the trend as he posted:

Fans are, of course, found outraged, bamboozled, completely in disbelief that yet another sapphic, all-female-led, wlw show has been canceled on Netflix despite paving the way for these shows to exist and claim representation matters to them. The hashtag has garnered over 300,000 tweets, along with its variant hashtags booming with popularity: #RenewWarroirNun, #RENEW WARRIOR NUN FOR SEASON 3, #RenewWarriorNunS3, #cancelnetflix, and more.

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Inspired by the manga novels bearing the same name, Warrior Nun not only offers good representation, but it also handles a unique story revolving around a 19-year-old woman (played by Alba Baptista) who found herself waking up in a morgue driven by an artifact that brought her back to life. This newfound life purpose brings the orphaned teen to become the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret group of nuns determined to vanquish the evil and demons on Earth. Does this not sound like a good, promising premise?

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This is not the first time Netflix has canceled a similarly-themed show. It canceled First Kill, which featured a teenage lesbian vampire falling in love with a lesbian monster hunter, canceled One Day at a Time which also featured LGBTQ characters, and even Sense8 despite their success to keep streaming for multiple seasons.

In the meantime, you can watch Warrior Nun Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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