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Warrior Nun Cancelled at Netflix Despite Massive Viewership

Netflix has done it again. It has officially added Warrior Nun to the list of sapphic, all-female-led shows that it has cancelled over the years, let alone this year. Following this not shocking but all the more disappointing announcement, fans have expressed their anger and dismay given that the occult fiction has managed to land top three in the global viewership despite having no proper budget for promotion. See fans’ reactions below:

According to a report by Deadline, Netflix has decided not to renew Warrior Nun for a third season. On the premiere of its second season, Warrior Nun debuted with a perfect score of 100% from critics with eight reviews and then obtained a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes based on 4,500 reviews, making it the highest audience score of any Netflix show ever.

Given this promising turnout, fans were in a position to hope that it would have the opportunity to continue its story on the streaming platform, with campaigns to renew it for a third season. However, their effort turns into a petition to move and save Warrior Nun on another streaming platform.

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Following the cancellation news, Alba Baptista, who portrayed the titular role, took to Twitter to thank the fans. She wrote, “Working on Warrior Nun was a very special chapter of my life. Thank you to the cast and crew for giving everything they had. Thank you to the fans that loved and supported us. I see you and I love you. It was all for you. I’m forever grateful.❤️”

Showrunner Simon Barry also expressed his feelings on Twitter, saying, “I've just found out that [Netflix] will not be renewing [Warrior Nun]—my sincere appreciation to all the fans who worked so hard to bring awareness to this series, and for the love you showed me, the cast, and the whole production team. It was a privilege to be a part of this.”

In June, Netflix also scrapped the WLW show First Kill, a teen lesbian vampire romance that also received high streaming numbers. Some Netflix shows that have also been cancelled over the years are I Am Not Okay With This, Everything Sucks!, One Day At A Time, Sense8, etc. This pattern has given the fans a difficult time maintaining their media representation, saying that before they had to deal with the "Bury Your Gays" issue, now they also have to deal with “Cancel Your Gays."

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Warrior Nun is inspired by the Ben Dunn comic book character, and it debuted on Netflix on July 20, 2020. It follows the story of an orphan named Ava Silva after she is accidentally given the responsibility of serving as the Halo Keeper of warrior nuns using her newfound supernatural abilities. Along the way, Ava falls in love with one of the nuns, Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young).

Warrior Nun seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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