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Warner Bros. Might Be Releasing Fewer DC Films After Batman v Superman Decline

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has dropped 69% in its second week. Because of this, rumors abound that Warner Bros. is now mulling over a reshaping of the company's superhero franchise, specifically releasing fewer films DC Comics-based films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources claim that Warner Bros. executives thought Batman v Superman will be their biggest film to date. However, they were reportedly shocked when negative reviews, mainly from critics, started pouring in. Word on the grapevine is that executives are now thinking of making adjustments to the franchise.

One head of a rival studio was quoted as saying:

The biggest problem is that it is not turning [DC] into Marvel. The audience has communicated, as have the critics.

There are currently 10 DC films up for release from 2016 up to the year 2020, and while Batman v Superman has been a success in its own way, it isn't as successful as Jurassic World or its rival, Marvel's The Avengers, had been.

It remains unknown how the studio is planning to reshape the DC Extended Universe, but it could come in all kinds of forms, one being the possibility of adding a new producer to the two-part Justice League and maybe even removing Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder from the franchise altogether. Fans who petitioned to remove the director from the franchise would certainly be happy about this.

These rumors will most likely stay in circulation until proven otherwise. THR sources with firsthand knowledge of the issue claim that Warner Bros. isn't planning on making fewer DC films, at least for the time being. Executives may make adjustments, but it won't involve completely ousting Snyder in future films.

Hopefully, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad will change public interest.

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