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Warner Bros. Executive Updates About Harry Potter Spinoff: “We Are Engaged”

It looks like the new Harry Potter content is on its way as Warner Bros. TV Executive updates their current timeline on the Harry Potter spinoff series.

Warner Bros. has been seeking to maximize and capitalize on what’s left in their most popular IP and Harry Potter happens to be one of them, so there is no doubt they plan on blossoming more content from the franchise. In fact, they were previously eyeing The Cursed Child to retool the franchise’s direction, with the possibility of involving author J.K. Rowling in production.

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Speaking in the U.K. TV conference in London (via Variety), Warner Bros. TV Executive Channing Dungey updates their current outlined progress working on the Harry Potter spinoff series. Read Dungey’s full comment below:

“There is a tremendous amount of ambition for that and we are engaged in a number of different conversations. I wish I could tell you that something was imminent on the horizon but there is a lot of interest and a lot of passion for it, so absolutely.”

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The Warner Bros. TV boss continues on to say how the impact of the audience contributed greatly on the progression of the Harry Potter franchise's success and it is possible they will remain so in the potential spinoff series.

“What’s great is that you see how the audience is so engaged and so ready. Our unscripted team did a fantastic ‘Return to Hogwarts’ special for HBO last year, that resonated so tremendously, then we did a quiz show, ‘The Tournament of Houses’, that Helen Mirren was the host for. The audience is ready, they want to go, so we’re just [here] to figure out what the right next step is.”

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