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Warner Bros. Reportedly Eyeing Cursed Child To Retool Harry Potter Franchise

HBO Max Head of Originals Sarah Aubrey recently confirmed that new Harry Potter content will soon be in the works. Seeing as it is one of Warner Bros. biggest source of IP, the Harry Potter franchise (and the DC universe) will not be taking a rest anytime soon. One of J.K. Rowling’s works that WB is reportedly eyeing to produce is the Cursed Child.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav mentioned having plans to do more Harry Potter movies in the studio involving J.K. Rowling, despite not having done one in 15 years. One of the most speculated Harry Potter films was The Marauders Prequel, since it would be timely to finally talk about the full story behind the parents of the Harry Potter characters. Unfortunately, they may not be going through with this prequel.

Although no new official announcements have been made by Warner Bros. about any potential or specific Harry Potter adaptations, Puck News, as reported on Screen Rant, indicates that Warner Bros. new plans for the franchise may involve the Cursed Child, instead.

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According to Puck News, the Warner Bros. boss hopes to keep the Harry Potter film franchise by retooling the sequel even amid Fantastic Beasts' failure.

Fantastic Beasts did not live up to the standards of Potterheads or to its predecessor, and with Warner Bros. in desperate need of saving, it is only logical to turn to Harry Potter and its DC films. While buzz continues to surround Harry Potter movie reboot speculations, DC films are also seemingly heading the right way including The Batman is under the DC universe, replacing Amber Heard with King Shark, Jason Momoa to pull Aquaman and Lobo, and even a new Henry Cavill Superman film to be directed by Steven Spielberg.

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