WandaVision's Kat Dennings Pokes Fun at Promo Mishap Inadvertently Focused on her Breasts

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Kat Dennings is experiencing a resurgence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after being away from the franchise for close to eight years. Dennings' Thor character Darcy Lewis made her grand comeback in WandaVision with an updated role as the astrophysicist hired by S.W.O.R.D. to work on the "Westview anomaly" and fans have been gushing over the actress' return.

Of course, Kat's return means that she is once again obliged to do several press tours and TV interviews here and there to promote the hit Disney+ series, something that she seems to have a lot of fun doing.

Another thing she's quite good at is poking fun at herself and this time around, things were pretty awkward, to say the least. Dennings is scheduled to appear on Good Morning Amerca to talk about WandaVision and GMA's official Twitter handle has been hyping up her guesting since yesterday.

However, there's one issue. GMA's Twitter account posted an awkwardly positioned image of Kat and when you look at it from your timeline, it seems to be focused on her breasts.

The promo tweet caught Dennings' attention who's quite active on her social media pages but instead of calling out the morning show and asking for the said promo image to be taken down, the actress who is known for her sense of humor just decided to poke fun at it. She wrote: "The crop of this image raises the most questions for me"

Her reaction has since been deleted but she also posted about the mishap on her Instagram stories. Check out her wacky reaction here:

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Credit: @katdenningsss on Instagram

Meanwhile, Darcy has surprisingly become one of WandaVision's best characters and this is coming from a guy who couldn't stand her in the first two Thor films. We've yet to see her interact with Wanda in the show but they've been teasing that Darcy could eventually enter Maximoff's pocket reality which she refers to as the "hex".

Not gonna lie, I'm liking her in the show so far and I wouldn't be surprised if she sticks around for more MCU projects especially with her upgraded role.

WandaVision premieres new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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