WandaVision Star Kat Dennings Says She Owes Upgraded MCU Role to Natalie Portman

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Kat Dennings is experiencing a resurgence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the hit Disney+ series WandaVision and if you've been paying close attention to the teasers, it's quite obvious that Dennings' character Darcy Lewis will be playing a major role in the show.

Darcy Lewis in 2011's Thor.
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Credit: Marvel Studios

However, things weren't always that way for Darcy as she has always been seen as a comic relief kind of character and that's pretty evident in the first two Thor films she appeared on. Now, after an 8-year absence, Kat is back in the fold and according to her, she owes everything to co-star and real-life friend Natalie Portman.

Recalling her audition with the Jane Foster actress in a recent interview with the Keep It podcast, she said: "Because Natalie and I are already friends, I remember this exactly. I walk into the room, and I'm timid. I came in, and I sat down, and Natalie hadn't gotten there yet, and everyone was so nice. Natalie came in and sat on my lap because we're friends. I think our friendship started to infect them [like] its purity and love. Slowly, Darcy became more involved, and I was like, 'Why are they adding me to scenes?'"

In the end, Dennings said that her friendship with Portman was responsible for her getting a much bigger role than she expected. "If I am being honest, friendship magic is the reason I'm here today."

Darcy Lewis has gained a strong following over the years and fans have been waiting for her to make her return to the franchise. The decision to put her in WandaVision caused a lot of intrigue and confusion amongst avid followers of the MCU when the studio could've easily put her back on the Thor franchise especially now that Thor: Love and Thunder are kickstarting production.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas in 2022.

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