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WandaVision Theories Behind the Mysterious Helicopter

With just two episodes of the first Marvel release for the fourth phase of the MCU, fan theories are starting to buzz around as they try to speculate about what is to happen next in the visionary new series, WandaVision. Set in black and white, possibly in the ‘60s, the second episode finally had a pop of color, but boy, this just screams more than a color; Wanda, who has been up all night from hearing what seems like explosions, found a red helicopter in her rose bushes. Fans were quick to speculate as to how the chopper had color and how did it get there because it is definitely out of place and of color.

WandaVision Red Chopper
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Theory: How the chopper is colored?

Fans believe that the chopper is colored because it is not part of the reality Wanda has created. In the reality that Wanda has seemingly created, everything is in black and white, which explains the monochromatic scheme in the first two episodes of the series. With the first one set in the ‘50s and the second in the ‘60s, colored television then was not yet a thing. As the strange new couple enters Westview, bizarre things had already happened. The red chopper was clearly out of place which explains the color burst. Further in the episode, when Dottie was cut by broken glass, her blood burst the color red as well. This might mean that Wanda does not want to have pain and violence in her reality and because it is not supposed to be there, it showed color.


Theory: How did the chopper get there?

Theories suggest that the helicopter is a real one and was turned into a toy when it entered into Wanda's reality as it is the only way her reality could cope up with it. Wanda showed how she tries to keep everything intact and in place when the beekeeper appeared from the sewer. It was as if Wanda glitched him out of the show by rewinding it to a few minutes earlier, to the scene where she and Vision are celebrating Wanda's surprise pregnancy. Wanda also changed the beekeeper's presence with the technicolor of the whole scene surprising both of them and marking the turn of another century.

Theory: How is Geraldine related to the chopper?

Geraldine, who befriends Wanda during the community committee, is actually Monica Rambeau, daughter of the best friend of Captain Marvel. Geraldine/Monica is now an adult considering that the events where she debuted were set in the 1990s. With her connection to Captain Marvel, she could have easily been recruited by the Agents of SWORD and as a daughter of a military pilot, she could've easily been one, too. Theories suggest that the red chopper was Monica's way in as we only saw her after Wanda discovered the chopper, clueless as to how she got there.

Theory: How is the Agents of SWORD connected?

The logo of the Agents of SWORD or the Sentient World Observation and Response Department is imprinted on the red chopper, it is possible that it is their chopper in order to rescue Wanda from what is happening or to stop her from the pocket reality she created. In another part of episode two, the voice of FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, who was responsible for looking after Ant-Man during his house arrest. Given his experience with Ant-Man, the Agents of the SWORD could have recruited him. In Woo's call to Wanda, he asked "Wanda, do you copy? Wanda, who is doing this to you?" This suggests that Agents of SWORD is not behind Wanda's control but one that is trying to save her and the world for whatever Wanda can do to it.

With just two episodes out of nine, WandaVision has yet to give explanations and justifications for all these theories. With no villain appearing yet, the first two episodes surely gave the fans a lot to think about what will happen next.


WandaVisionpremiered last Friday, January 15, 2021. It is not yet confirmed whether it will be on DVD or in Blu-Ray. As it is canon to the MCU, it is expected to start the fourth phase with a bang.

WandaVision appears weekly on Disney+. Episode three returns on Friday, January 22, 2021.

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