WandaVision Director Teases Jaw-Dropping Revelation About [SPOILERS] in Finale

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Credit: Marvel Studios

It may have failed to please some fans initially but it's safe to say at this point that WandaVision pretty much exceeded expectations and while the thought of the series ending later this week seems a little too hard to digest, we can all thank Marvel Studios for coming up with such a unique and groundbreaking Marvel show.

As we approach the series' highly-anticipated grand finale, there are still questions that run through the minds of its viewers. One of which is the true identity of fake Pietro Maximoff or "Fietro" which has been a huge mystery since his debut.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

In Episode 8, Agatha shockingly revealed that she's not responsible for Evan Peters' character turning up in Westview. The mystery surrounding him could be a dead giveaway that "Fietro" or Fake Pietro will play a major factor in the finale especially after his mid-credits scene with Monica Rambeau left all of us hanging.

Now, director Matt Shakman is teasing that Peters could in fact be a key player in the upcoming episode. In a recent conversation with Fandom, Shakman opened up about the former X-Men star's stunning casting which caught a lot of Marvel fans off guard. He says: "I was so super excited. I'm a huge fan of Evan and he's amazingly talented. I was thrilled that we were able to make that work. That was an early idea that we had to really make sure we did right. It was thrilling to get him in the show."

He later teased that the mystery surrounding Fietro's true identity could be finally be given clarity in Episode 9 although he chose not to go into detail about how everything will go down. "I think there's a strong possibility you might get a little more of Evan Peters coming up. But how that plays out, I wouldn't want to say."

In a separate interview with ComicBook, Shakman addressed the ongoing theories about Evan playing the same character he did in the X-Men films. While he didn't directly answer the question, his answer seems a bit intriguing. "We'll have to meet again some Monday in the future," he says.

Marvel's upcoming offerings have huge shoes to fill but hey, it's the MCU we're talking about, they've long cracked the code and can seemingly do no wrong. I gotta admit though, I'll miss all of the craziness WandaVision brought in but I'm also looking forward to seeing what The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has in store for us.

WandaVision's finale episode will premiere this Friday on Disney+.

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