08 Feb 2021 1:03 PM +00:00 UTC

WandaVision: Did Sparky Commit Suicide?

The most recent episode of WandaVision introduced one of the cutest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. However, Sparky also mysteriously died in the very same episode. But is it possible that the puppy's death wasn't accidental? Sparky may have committed suicide because of the effects of the Hexagon.

In WandaVision Season 1 Episode 5, the five-year-old twins, Billy and Tommy came across the fluffy dog. Assuming it was a stray, the boys begged their mother to let them keep the puppy but their parents claimed they were too young for the responsibility.

This led to the twins aging up and giving Wanda and Vision no other choice but to let them keep the dog. However, it immediately became evident that the pooch had a death wish.

Sparky was given his name as a suggestion from Agnes after the dog got a shock from an electrical outlet. However, this wasn't enough as Sparky tried to run away from home. Soon, Wanda found the puppy's body after it had eaten parts of an azalea plant, which is poisonous to canines.

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But why was Sparky trying to kill himself? This could be explained by Norm, who broke away from his trance after Vision touched him. According to Norm, being under the trance is very painful and it's possible that Sparky felt that pain when he ended up in Westview.

Unfortunately, it looks like Sparky was suffering from being in the Hexagon and the dog's only way to deal with it was to commit suicide. It's a sad fact about being in Westview and it once again confirms that getting the residents out is very important.

The latest episode ofWandaVision is still streaming on Disney+.

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