WandaVision: Is Evan Peters Playing [SPOILERS], Not Pietro

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There is little doubt that fans are still in shock after Evan Peters finally showed up in WandaVision. But is it possible that the "recast" Pietro Maximoff is not who he claims to be? There are speculations that Peters is actually playing a completely different and potentially sinister character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

In On a Very Special Episode..., things got tense for Wanda and Vision when the latter confronted his wife about what she has done with Westview. However, their argument is interrupted by someone knocking on their door. The visitor is then revealed to be Peters, who introduces himself as Pietro.


Fans who have been keeping up with the leaked set photos were not surprised by Peters' arrival but there's one important person who is clearly confused: his sister Wanda. The episode makes light of the situation as Darcy questions why Wanda recast Pietro, but it's clear that she didn't recognize him at first.

So what could this possibly mean for WandaVision? Many believe that "Pietro" is not who he says he is. After all, Wanda has already admitted that there are things she can't control around Westview and she was clearly not expecting his arrival in the episode.

So who is Peters playing in WandaVision? There are speculations that the recast Pietro is actually the other person who is pulling the strings around Westview. There is a possibility that Peters is actually playing Mephisto and his identity could be revealed in the next episode.


Do you think "Pietro" is actually Mephisto and is the one who has been controlling Wanda all this time? Sound off in the comments below.

The latest episode of WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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