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Venom 3: Tom Hardy Confirms Filming Has Resumed

Credit: Sony

Following the huge success of the first two films, Sony is now working on Venom 3 which will continue Eddie Brock's symbiote adventure in the live-action Spider-Verse with Tom Hardy back in the role.

When the actors' strike commenced last July, it was one of the many Hollywood projects that shut down its production and, since then, its release date has also moved to accommodate the delay.

Fortunately, the strike finally ended earlier this month and we learned that it is one of the productions that Sony is prioritizing to restart filming as soon as possible.

Now, we finally have an exciting update on the threequel's production thanks to its star.

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Tom Hardy Shares Heartfelt Message as Venom 3 Filming Resumes

Tom Hardy in Venom
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Credit: Sony

In his recent post on Instagram, Hardy confirmed that filming for Venom 3 has finally resumed. He shared a photo of him with director Kelly Marcel and his stunt double Jacon Tomuri celebrating their return to the set.

He also hinted that the threequel might be his last film as he called it his "last dance" and gave a heartfelt message to the cast and crew.

"V3N0M 3 The Last dance - thankfully we are back to shooting," Hardy wrote in his caption. "And I want to take a moment just to thank all the teams thus far on the ride from V1 to here all our fantastic Cast and crew- good friends and family - we’ve come a long way."

The Oscar nominee continued his caption by expressing his love for all the department heads and then gave a special shoutout to Marcel and Tomuri.

"I want to mention very briefly how proud of my Director, writing partner and dear friend Kelly Marcel I am. watching you taking the helm on this one fills me with pride, it is an honour. Trust, your gut, your instincts are always spot on. First class - I back you. 100%. As always," the actor said.

"And I absolutely love working with you and watching you take on bigger challenges everytime. And to my great friend, face plant chief operator and brother @jaketomuri Jacob you still look f all like me bro. Here’s to a great ride!!!"

You can tell from the tone of Hardy's post that working on the project is a special one for him since it could be his swan song in the role and he is seemingly having a wonderful experience.

It is a wonderful caption that the actor wrote and his enthusiasm could be infectious amongst fans who are looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully, production will go well throughout its schedule and the final results will be good, if not better than the previous films.

Venom 3 is slated for release in theaters on November 16, 2024.

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