TXT Yeonjun Skincare 2022: Does He Follow Strict Routines?

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols usually have specific skincare practices, and TXT Yeonjun is no different. It will not come as a surprise to fans and followers if he has one.

But, what the public wonders about are the actual routines he regularly does. The same goes for the products he swears by to improve and maintain the health and glow of his skin.

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TXT Yeonjun And His Skincare Routines

Unfortunately, Yeonjun has yet to share the practices he does to take good care of his skin. He has not revealed, as well, the products he utilizes on a daily basis.

But, generally, K-pop idols follow at least the basic steps of the Korean skincare regimen. Healthline stated that it starts with the so-called double cleansing, which is the “core” of the routine.

The TXT member surely cleanses his face, especially because they always wear makeup for appearances and stage performances.

The next steps in the general routine are the application of toners, serums, essences, and treatments. While these are mostly preference-based, putting toners after cleansing is considered a basic step.

Moisturizers and sunscreens are the final steps of the traditional Korean skincare regimen. They are also seen as a part of the basic routine.

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TXT Members As Global Models For It's Skin

Although Yeonjun has yet to share his secrets when it comes to skincare, it is possible that he uses products from It’s Skin. It would not be surprising, considering that he and his co-members are “global models” of the skincare brand.

Allure said that the label named the five members of TXT as its ambassadors in 2019. While at the time, no one knew which products they would endorse, some teaser materials on media platforms show that the idols had modeled for the brand’s Power 10 Formula Powerful Genius series.

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As noted, the collection features a milk cleanser, face cream, toner, and serums.

Meanwhile, the members of TXT have not shared their skincare hacks, except for their leader, Soobin. Despite this, though, it is likely that fans will get to know more about the details in the next few months or years.


Watch this space for more TXT Yeonjun news.

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