ASTRO JinJin Workout 2022: Group Leader As Active As Co-Members?

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Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO JinJin is one of today’s most applauded K-pop group leaders. With his skills and capabilities to guide his co-members, many fans appear to have continued to praise him since their debut in 2016.

While this has already become common knowledge, the public has seemingly yet to learn several other things about the K-pop idol, especially details about his personal life. These include his exercises and workout routines amid his busy schedule as a South Korean artist.

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Does ASTRO JinJin Have Workout Regimens?

JinJin has rarely disclosed information about his day-to-day regimens. He has seemingly never shared how he keeps himself fit and in shape over the years.

It is believed, though, that he does have his own workout routines, much like his co-members, Cha Eun Woo and Moonbin. But, as to whether he is as active as his groupmates, no one can confirm.

Apart from the regular dance rehearsals, it is unclear how the ASTRO leader maintains his figure. But, he likely does bodyweight exercises, and some ab-toning routines, as it all shows during performances and engagements.

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JinJin As The Cover For Men's Health June Issue

Another case in point, seemingly proving that JinJin works out regularly, in his cover feature for the June issue of Men’s Health.

Teaser photos for the upcoming issue of the magazine emerged late last week. AllKpop reported that the ASTRO leader “exuded a unique charm” in these materials, “all the while demonstrating his healthy and fit physique, as well.”

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As the cover of the magazine, it only shows that the K-pop idol, indeed, has his own ways and practices in taking care of his health and figure. But, in terms of the specifics and details, it will all surface once the material officially drops, reportedly at the end of the month.

JinJin and the rest of ASTRO members just had their official comeback for the year. They released their third full album, Drive to the Starry Road, last week, alongside its title track, Candy Sugar Pop.

Watch this space for more ASTRO JinJin news.

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