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TXT Yeonjun Deemed Best Dresser in the Group

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Yeonjun has donned various outfits and styles since he debuted as a K-pop idol in 2019. He has repeatedly received praises and compliments for his clothing choices over the years, with some even deeming him the most fashionable member of the group.

This appears to be the case as most of his co-members agree that he is the "best dresser" among them.

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TXT Yeonjun As The "Best Dresser" In The Group

In a 2020 engagement with Cosmopolitan, the members of TXT were asked which among them dresses the best all the time.

Huening Kai made the first response and picked himself as the best dresser in the group. Yeonjun appeared to have poked fun at the maknae, saying he gave a "predictable answer."

This led Beomgyu and Taehyun to argue that they believe the group's hyung is the member who dresses the best among them all. Yeonjun agreed and chose himself, as well, saying, "I think me."

However, the act's leader chose the youngest member instead. The other three idols looked shocked and laughed upon hearing the response, causing the eldest to joke about Soobin and Huening Kai having the same style.

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But, Yeonjun Chooses Huening Kai As The "Most Fashionable"

Two years later, however, the TXT members seemingly changed their answers when asked who is the "most fashionable" among the group. The exchange was with People magazine, occurring earlier in June.

Instead of choosing other co-members, the K-pop idols pointed fingers at themselves. Huening Kai was the only one who had the same response from two years ago and named himself the most fashionable in the group.

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Soobin, the group leader, consequently argued that their stylists on the set had disagreeing reactions off-camera. He revealed that the experts were saying, "no way," causing everyone to burst into laughter.

But, Yeonjun sided with the group maknae and picked him instead. He explained that he "respects Huening Kai's dedication to one specific style," adding that he is "a professional when it comes to hoodies."

Meanwhile, netizens on Quora agree that Yeonjun is the "most stylish" and "most fashionable" in the group. Although, they emphasized that every TXT member has unique styles and fashion sense.

Watch this space for more TXT Yeonjun news.

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