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TXT Huening Kai Deemed Perfection Even Without Makeup

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Huening Kai and his co-members have no fixed positions in the group. But, many fans and followers seemingly consider the maknae as the “visual” of the act.

While all the members have stunning appearances, Kai offers a unique look because of his genes. He is a Korean-American idol, and it seemingly makes him stand out.

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Netizens Emphasize How Good Looking TXT Huening Kai Is

Fans previously discussed Kai’s visuals in a thread on Quora. They emphasized how good looking he is even without makeup.

One individual even described him as “perfection,” adding that he is the “visual king.” Several others agreed, with one netizen calling him a “masterpiece that belongs in a museum.”

The discussion about the group maknae’s appearance came after the original poster asked whether the idol is ugly. The respondents slammed the OP for posting such a “rude” question, with others calling it bullying.

This led netizens, especially fans and followers, to defend the TXT member on the thread. The post ended up having tens of comments, wherein people seemingly showered the idol with lots of compliments about his looks and talents.

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Kai's Visuals Reportedly Amazed Experts

Aside from fans and followers, Kai’s visuals also received praise from experts. His looks and appearance “amazed” Dr. Si Wan and Dr. Deok Jun, according to Channel-Korea.

The plastic surgeons reportedly asserted that the TXT member could play the “main character” in an American teen drama.

It is also stated that they see him as a “dress model,” noting that his face “comes to mind” when thinking of a luxury brand model.

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TXT Ruling The Beauty Scene In 2022

Kai and his co-members are the current ambassadors for MA:NYO, a skincare and makeup brand. This seemingly led Metro Style to name the group as one of the K-pop acts that are “ruling the beauty scene” in 2022.

The publication later said that TXT becoming the newest ambassador for the label was no surprise considering “how big of an influence [it] currently has.”

Watch this space for more TXT Huening Kai news.

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