ASTRO JinJin Skincare Routines, Practices He Follows Uncovered

Credit: UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: UNIVERSE_OFFICIAL/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO JinJin and his co-members do not shy away from talking about their beauty preferences and skincare habits. They even once had an interview wherein they focused on discussing anything related to beauty, skin, makeup, and hair.

The said interview was with Allure back in 2018. The six members dwelled on the details of their routines and practices and revealed some of their surprising secrets to staying youthful and glowing.

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ASTRO JinJin Deems Sanha's Skincare Secret "Good"

During the engagement, though, JinJin and MJ did not share their skincare practices. They seemingly focus on talking about hair and makeup.

Despite this, the group leader appeared to have hinted at following their maknae’s skincare habits. The magazine even noted that some of the members of ASTRO have tried out Sanha’s skin secret, which is incorporating diluted vinegar in his cleansing step.

JinJin told the publication that they heard using the “odd ingredient” is “good for [the] skin.” He argued, however, that “no one knows for sure what the reasoning” behind it or where it first originated.

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Member With "Most Extensive" Regimen, According To Netizens

On Twitter, ASTRO fans and followers previously ran a poll, asking others which of the members they think has the “most extensive” skincare regimen. The choices are Sanha, JinJin, and Moonbin, with the maknae obtaining the highest number of votes.

Among the 1,669 respondents, 53.3 percent chose Sanha. The group leader comes in second with 24.9 percent of the votes, while Moonbin places last with 21.7 percent.

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While Sanha and JinJin topped the poll, some netizens commented on the thread that Rocky should have won it. Others also mentioned MJ, noting that he and the lead rapper appear to be the most mindful of their skin.

But, as fans would recall, the ASTRO members already previously revealed which of them has the most extensive skincare routine. During the interview with Allure, they named Rocky, with the idol himself agreeing to it.

Watch this space for more ASTRO JinJin news.

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