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TXT Soobin Instagram: Why He Won't Create A Personal Account

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Many reportedly thought that TXT Soobin would be one of the first members of the group to open an Instagram account. As explained, the idol has always loved treating fans to selfies on social media, particularly on the group’s official pages.

Accordingly, the group leader shocked the fandom when Yeonjun was the first to launch a personal feed on Instagram. Not only that, he was said to have “disappointed” many netizens when he revealed he would not make one.

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Why TXT Soobin Decided Not To Be On Instagram

Following Yeonjun’s move to open a personal account on the platform, Soobin had an engagement with fans and followers on Weverse.

When asked regarding the co-members' recent activities on social media, he explained that their agency allowed them to make their own Instagram feeds if they wanted one, according to Koreaboo.

The publication said that the exchange, later on, led netizens to question the TXT leader’s plans in terms of opening his own account. After sharing his decision not to be on the platform, he explained that his reason was that he is “lazy.”

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The Group Leader's Most Followed Fan-Made Feed

While Soobin may not be on Instagram, managing his own personal account, avid fans appear to have created several feeds on the platform dedicated to the idol. Among all, the one that has the most followers to date carries the handle, “official_soobin.”

It currently has over 1.3 million followers, and follows six accounts. It also houses a total of 601 posts, with a selfie of the TXT leader shared nearly a day ago being the latest update on the feed.

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TXT's Official Instagram Account

Soobin is not the only member of the group who decided not to open an account on Instagram. As it happens, Taehyun, Huening Kai, and Beomgyu are also not on the platform.

Despite this, the K-pop idols still have their official Instagram account as a group. It carries the handle, “txt _bighit,” which now has over 12.3 million followers.

Watch this space for more TXT Soobin news.

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