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TXT Huening Kai Skincare: How He Takes Care Of His Skin Revealed

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Huening Kai and his co-members continue to reach new heights in their career as K-pop idols. As this goes, the number of people across the globe who want to get to know more of their lives also increases.

One of the usual things that fans intend to learn about the idols is their respective skincare routines and product preferences.

While the group’s maknae has yet to reveal every detail of his skincare practices, he shared a few things about it in one of his previous vlogs.

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The Steps TXT Huening Kai Does For His Skin

In the fourth season of TALK X TODAY, the first episode centers on Huening Kai. He showed fans what happened on his day back in August 2021.

Before going to bed, the idol revealed some of the things he does for his skin. These mainly include taking off his makeup, which he utilized for official activities earlier that day.

The TXT maknae began with what appears to be a makeup wipe remover. He did not show how exactly he did the step, but he seemingly focused on removing his eyeshadow.

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Huening Kai then moved on to washing and cleaning his face. He did not reveal, as well, the exact practices he does for this specific skincare routine step.

After removing his makeup and cleansing his face, the idol concludes the video. He told his audience that he was already tired and ready to end the day.

It remains unclear whether the TXT member does other steps in his regimen after cleansing his face. It is also still unknown whether he follows the same steps for his morning skincare routine.

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Skincare Products He Uses

Huening Kai did not share information regarding the product he utilizes for his skincare regimen.

In the same video for TALK X TODAY, he did not specify the brand or label of the items he used. Even so, the TXT maknae appears to have used the Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser for his cleansing step.


Watch this space for more TXT Huening Kai news.

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