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ASTRO Sanha Workout 2022: Does Group Maknae Exercise Regularly?

Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO Sanha may be the youngest member, but he is the tallest among the group. He reportedly stands 6 feet 1 inch tall (185 cm) and weighs 148 lbs (67 kilos).

With the reported figures, the idol appears to have a normal weight. This likely means that he minds his diet, as well as his regular activities.

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ASTRO Sanha On Exercising, Working Out

But, there remain no clear details on how Sanha keeps himself in shape. He has not shared any information about his workout routines and other regular activities.

The only members of ASTRO who have seemingly disclosed their exercise regimens are Cha Eun Woo and Moonbin. As for the rest, though, the only known activity they do is their dance rehearsals.

Similar to most active K-pop groups, if not all, the Candy Sugar Pop singers highly likely spend hours practicing choreographies and dance steps. On an average note, reports claimed that K-pop acts typically rehearse three to five hours per day, five times a week.

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Group Maknae Loves To Eat

Sanha may have yet to share his workout regimens, but it is not impossible that he does some practice to keep himself fit and healthy. One potential reason behind this assumption is that he likes to eat.

K Profiles reports that the ASTRO maknae’s main hobby is eating. In some of the group’s previous interviews, the idol, at times, shared some of his favorite meals.

He even once revealed to their audience that he purchased pork rinds “in bulk” because they tasted so good, according to Soompi. He also added that he would grill a pack every time he got home after practice.

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Sanha's Habit Before Going To Bed

During the same engagement with fans and followers, Sanha shared what he usually does before going to sleep. While some of his co-members stated that they take vitamins or do stretches, he said he takes deep breaths before officially ending his day.

The ASTRO maknae explained that inhaling as much as he can and exhaling slowly through his mouth makes him feel “calmer.”

Watch this space for more ASTRO Sanha news.

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