BTS J-Hope Fashion Style Is Called Hobicore, And Here's Why

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BTS J-Hope reportedly loves fashion. He is said to have always stood out because of his “distinct” style.

As per Tatler Asia, the group’s main dancer has become a “fashion icon” in his own right. Apart from being one of the most stylish members, he is also deemed to be one of the “most fashionable stars” in recent times.

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All About The So-Called "Hobicore"

It would not come as a shock that J-Hope is one of the fashionable members of the group. There is a reason why his own sense of style even has its own name.

The publication explained that fans and followers are calling it “Hobicore,” which is a combination of his nickname, “Hobi,” and “kidcore.” This pertains to his style of being “fun, colorful, and a mix of kids and street fashion.”

Despite having his own style, though, the idol does not reportedly stick only to it. He is said to be “experimental” and “expressive,” adding that he knows how to level up his game when it comes to dressing himself.

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Dressing Like BTS J-Hope

J-hope has a “sunshine-y” personality that adds a flair to his fashion choices, according to Man of Many. But, in terms of the specific pieces, he is claimed to prefer and “rock” unconventional items, including those that lean toward “bold combinations” and “bright colors.”


The outlet continued that a J-Hope-inspired ensemble usually equates to “comfort.” It also added that he likes wearing shorts, especially camo and denim, and matches them with a dad cap or bucket hat.

As for the BTS member’s favorite brands, he reportedly prefers Off White, Louis Vuitton, YEEZY, Raf Simons, and JW Anderson.

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A Dedicated Feed For Hobi's Fashion

On Instagram, avid fans created a dedicated account for J-Hope fashion choices. The feed, which carries the handle “jhopefashion,” has already amassed more than 27,000 followers.

Each post features a photo of the BTS member, alongside the details of the sartorial pieces he is wearing in the material. It appears to be a guide for his followers when it comes to his fashion preferences.

Watch this space for more BTS J-Hope news.

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