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Tokyo Revengers’ Gangs Ranked: Which Is the Strongest?

Tokyo Revengers Gangs Ranked Which Is the Strongest Takemichi Hanagaki

There are more than 20 gangs in the series, but which gang is the strongest in Tokyo Revengers? In this list, we narrowed it down to the top five strongest gangs that are leagues above the others. While each gang has its strengths and weaknesses, we based our rankings on their overall capabilities.

Tokyo Revengers centers on Takemichi Hanagaki, a boy who traveled back in time to save his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and her brother from being killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

In order to succeed in his mission, Takemichi decided to join the said gang where he was introduced to the other powerful gangs in Tokyo.

  1. Brahman

    After Toman decided to go their separate ways, Brahman became a powerful gang.

    They do not like getting a lot of attention so they are usually quiet. They prefer to attack using cunning tactics to get the upper hand in any fight.

    Their leader, Senju Kawaragi, is known to use an umbrella during fights. His choice of weapon earned him the respect of his peers.

    In addition, their top executives are known as the Living Legends of the Black Dragons, which means they are powerful people.

  2. Tenjiku

    This gang was initially formed by Izana Kurokawa to get revenge on Manjiro Sano. The group wanted to take over the Tokyo Manji Gang.

    It was considered the largest delinquent group in Yokohama as it consisted of strong members.

    In fact, one of the members of this gang is Tetta Kisaki who came from the Tokyo Manji Gang and was delegated as the General Chief of Staff.

    The gang also has the Four Heavenly Kings and the Haitani Brothers who were feared by most of the characters in the action anime.

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  3. Bonten

    Bonten is known as the top criminal organization in Tokyo Revengers.

    The members of this gang came from Tenjiku, including the Haitani Brothers, with Manjiro "Mikey" Sano as their leader. They are not scared to kill anyone, especially traitors.

    As a criminal organization, they are involved in a lot of illegal activities like murder, fraud, and gambling.

    They are known to be good at keeping their gang a secret so the police had a hard time catching them.

    The organization was made after the Kanto Manji Gang won the Battle of Three Deities.

  4. Black Dragons

    The Black Dragons Gang is one of the top delinquent gangs in Kanto. It was originally founded by Shinichiro Sano, the brother of Mikey.

    The group consisted of other members from other gangs, such as Izana Kurokawa, the leader of Tenjiku, and Takemichi.

    The gang is popularly known for their teamwork and durability, which caused a lot of people to fear them, that is until Shinichiro died.

    His death led to various issues and Mikey's transition from good to evil, which led him to create Bonten.

  5. Tokyo Manji Gang

    Without a doubt, the Tokyo Manji Gang (also known as Toman) is the strongest gang in Tokyo Revengers.

    One of their most notable fights was against Tenjiku wherein only 50 members of Toman fought against Tenjiku's 400 members.

    The group also consists of the strongest characters in the series, including Mikey, Takemichi, Draken, just to name a few.

    The gang is known for its goal of establishing a golden era for all delinquents.

    They won various battles against other gangs which led to an increase in their power and members.

    The first generation was led by Mikey while the second generation was taken over by Takemichi.

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