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The Strongest Characters in Tokyo Revengers, Ranked!

The Strongest Characters in Tokyo Revengers Ranked Mikey
Credit: Liden Films

While Season 1 introduced us to Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla, Season 2 introduces us to the Black Dragon Gang. Toman now faces a new level of threat with Taiju Shiba at the helm. From Manjiro Sano to Taiju Shiba, here are the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers, ranked based on the anime.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers up until the end of the Christmas Showdown arc or the Black Dragon arc.

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  1. Takemichi Hanagaki

    We've all seen how Takemichi has become everyone's crybaby hero. He always cries whenever something terrible happens, especially during gang fights or when something out of his control happens.

    But, hidden behind his tears, Takemichi Hanagaki is a very strong leader who never backs down from a fight, especially when his friends or his beloved girlfriend are involved.

    What he lacks in combat prowess, he compensates for with tank-like endurance and unrivaled willpower.

    He is not weak; rather, there were many strong fighters in Toman who downplayed his strength.

    Strongest Characters in Tokyo Revengers Ranked Takemichi Hanagaki
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    Credit: Liden Films

    He is similar to a paladin in that he is extremely tanky. He also provides the morale boost that everyone needs when pushed to their limits.

    Aside from that, Takemichi was able to choke Kiyomasa, who was holding a deadly knife, while protecting Drakken from his minions.

    Takemichi was also able to bring Taiju Shiba to his knees with a single punch.

    However, given how exhausted Taiju was when Takemichi performed this feat, this achievement remains debatable.

    Most importantly, Takemichi has much stronger mental fortitude than Mikey.

  2. Chifuyu Matsuno

    Chifuyu should be the guy you're looking for if you ever decide to join the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is not only dependable but also the most devoted friend there is.

    Furthermore, Chifuyu has a very nice personality; the kind of character that is impossible to dislike.

    He is Takemichi's lifeline and the best partner he has ever had, not only for Takemichi but also for Baji Keisuke. Whereas Mikey has Drakken by his side, Takemichi has Chifuyu.

    In terms of fighting ability, Chifuyu can hold his own. However, even among his fellow vice-captains, he is not the strongest in Toman.

    During middle school, Chifuyu was a big fish in a small pond—not until he met Baji and joined Toman.

    Back then, Chifuyu could handle a bit more than 10 people at once, but this didn’t mean that he could easily defeat them all.

  3. Pah-chin

    Pah-chin, one of the Toman founders, is said to have the strength of a gorilla.

    While he doesn't accomplish much in Season 1, he does manage to send Takemichi to the hospital when he tries to disrupt his fight with Osanai.

    He is said to be capable of eliminating an entire gang on his own. He also excels in brawls, which is why his bear-like build intimidates many delinquents.

    During Pah-chin's fight with Osanai, Mikey was confident in his ability to defeat Osanai, indicating how strong he is in Mikey's eyes.

    Unfortunately, Pah-chin had to surrender to the police before doing something more memorable in Season 1.

    Pah-chin has been in the detention center for a year after stabbing Osanai.

  4. Peh-yan

    Just because Peh-yan follows Pah-chin around like a loyal dog doesn't mean he's not a good fighter.

    In fact, Peh-yan is more powerful than the other members of Toman, including Pah-chin and Chifuyu.

    He has insane raw strength and brute force that can surprise anyone due to his ordinary, boring looks.

    Despite his dull fighting style, Drakken, Mikey, and Mitsuya regard Peh-yan as one of the strongest in Toman.

  5. Osanai Nobutaka

    Osanai is one of the most underappreciated characters in Tokyo Revengers, and many people overlook this fact in favor of the more popular fighters.

    In Season 1, Osanai accomplishes remarkable feats, including defeating Pah-chin, who is regarded as one of Toman's strongest captains, not only in terms of strength but also of durability.

    Osanai, in addition to being a boxer, is a well-trained brawler who was only downplayed in the series because he was the first boss Mikey destroyed with his nuclear kick.

  6. Inui Seishu

    Inui Seishu, also known as Inupi, is one of Taiju Shiba's Black Dragon Gang wingmen.

    Unlike his co-captain, Koko, Inui develops a bad temper when someone slanders the gang's reputation, particularly its leader, Taiju Shiba.

    He may be a strong and capable fighter, but during the Christmas Showdown arc, he nearly didn't have any feats.

    Despite holding a pocket knife toward Hakkai, Yuzuha manages to kick him in the face and eat dirt.

    Not only that, but Inupi also failed to beat Mitsuya down, despite having the best angle to hit him on the head with a metal pipe. Not to mention that Inupi was intent on killing him at the time.

  7. Kokonoi Hajime

    Kokonoi Hajime is a founding member and captain of the 10th-generation Black Dragon Gang.

    While he doesn't have many impressive feats during the Christmas Showdown arc, his fighting prowess can be attributed to his position.

    Kokonoi, as opposed to Inupi, has more intelligence and charisma. He is a competent fighter who packs a punch, but he is not as strong as Taiju, Mikey, and the others.

    On the plus side, Kokonoi is an expert at making money in various ways. He was able to research many ways to make money from wealthy clients at a young age.

  8. Hakkai Shiba

    In Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Hakkai has some solid moments against the Black Dragon Gang, particularly against his brother, Taiju Shiba.

    While he fears Taiju, his determination to end his abuse helped him by the end of the Christmas Showdown arc.

    Even though Hakkai lacks Taiju's overall strength, he can one-shot any ordinary delinquent to the ground with his hammer punch.

    According to Yuzuha, Hakkai is capable of becoming a captain in Toman; it's just that he dislikes the responsibilities that come with the job.

    If this is true, it means Hakkai is not someone to mess with.

  9. Mitsuya Takashi

    Mitsuya is the captain of Toman's second division. He is a very capable fighter who can easily beat up fodder and hold out on his own.

    He is also a skilled fighter who frequently uses his brain over his fist in a fight. Unlike the other members of Toman, he has excellent judgment.

    Mitsuya was able to go head-to-head with Taiju in the Christmas Showdown, which is an impressive feat at this point in the anime.

    His endurance is impressive, given how he can defend himself against Taiju's powerful punches that can send Takemichi and Yuzuha flying.

    Mitsuya was also able to exhaust Taiju with his punches and force Taiju to acknowledge his strength.

    He could have fought Taiju even harder if Inupi hadn't hit him in the back of the head with a steel pipe.

  10. Kazutora Hanemiya

    With his iconic tiger-neck tattoo, Kazutora is easily one of the most beloved characters in the series. He is also one of the best-written in terms of character development.

    Kazutora, who was a founding member of Toman, became one of the antagonists in Tokyo Revengers Season 1 due to his hatred for Mikey and the rest of his underlings.

    His strength, durability, and speed are not to be taken lightly as a former member of Toman and Valhalla.

    In fact, Pah-chin recognizes Kazutora's powerful punches, which can knock out an adult in just two blows.

    More impressively, despite his injury, Kazutora can withstand Mikey's kicks and punches!

    But it's his game sense that makes him the worst opponent, allowing him to corner Toman in the Bloody Halloween fight to settle things once and for all.

  11. Baji Keisuke

    Baji Keisuke is already known in Toman as a ferocious beast, despite his young age.

    He is so powerful that he has no problem defeating more than 10 people to assist Chifuyu, who was clearly struggling to hold out on his own.

    Even before they created Toman, he trained at the dojo, where he usually hangs out with Mikey. This simply means that he is more skilled in martial arts than the average street brawler he encounters in gang fights.

    Despite having a fatal stab wound on his side, Baji was able to defeat 50 gang members in a short amount of time during the fight between Valhalla and Toman.

    Regardless of the fact that he accomplished this feat using a steel pipe, his speed and indomitable strength are still impressive.

    If Baji had not died so early in the anime, he would have had more solid moments that could have pushed him higher on this list.

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  12. Yasuhiro Muto

    Yasuhiro Muto, also known as Mucho, is regarded as the most powerful of the captains in the Tokyo Manji Gang, alongside Baji, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin. He is a skilled grappler and judoka.

    Mucho is the only captain in Toman who is in charge of a special division within the gang. This only implies that his strength is unrivaled, and his position equates to his fighting strength.

    Mucho is so powerful that he was able to break his opponent's spinal cord and permanently paralyze his lower body by throwing him out on concrete! Yikes!

  13. Shuji Hanma

    Shuji Hanma, with his impressive feats in Season 1, is without a doubt one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers.

    He was not only able to defend himself from Mikey's nuclear kick, but he was also able to hold his own against Drakken. This clearly demonstrates that he has a high level of damage resistance.

    Hanma has insane endurance and stamina, as seen in the anime because he fought two of Toman's strongest members.

    Drakken even acknowledged his strength and referred to him as a zombie because he kept coming back up!

    Most notably, Hanma has a shady and deceptive personality that is so intimidating that anyone can be manipulated by him.

  14. Taiju Shiba

    By comparing Taiju Shiba's appearance to the other characters on this list, one can conclude that he is one of Tokyo Revengers' strongest characters.

    True enough, Taiju is an unstoppable force who uses his brute strength to lead the Black Dragon Gang.

    He is a force to be reckoned with, capable of dealing with three Toman members simultaneously while using only 70% of his power.

    Even after being stabbed in the back during the Christmas Showdown arc, he continues to fight as if he had received no damage from the three members combined.

    His punches can knock someone out like Takemichi, but his brutal ideologies make him even more dangerous.

    He is, after all, a very abusive brother to his siblings.

  15. Ryuguji "Drakken" Ken

    Drakken, as vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, is Mikey's ride-or-die, or wingman. He's also his brother from another mother, the type of guy who can keep Mikey's sanity intact in the midst of the chaos caused by gang fights.

    He has proven himself worthy of being Toman's second in command in Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers.

    He can, like Taiju, send someone flying with his punches. He is also a brawler, which means his punches are powerful.

    His endurance and stamina are also exceptional, given that he nearly died due to cardiac arrest but still managed to survive and recover as if nothing happened.

    Furthermore, Drakken was able to defeat multiple fighters despite being hit on the head with a bat during Peh-yan's attempt to beat him down.

    During the Christmas Showdown, Drakken easily defeated 100 members of the Black Dragon Gang.

  16. Manjiro "Mikey" Sano

    Undoubtedly, Mikey is at the top of this list. He is so powerful that no one, not even the main protagonist, can match his strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

    At a very young age, Mikey is already regarded as a fighting prodigy with a natural talent for knocking people down. He is not your typical delinquent because he was built differently from the start.

    Furthermore, he has the best motivation to grow stronger as the plot progresses.

    If Taiju is a force to be reckoned with, Mikey is a fighting machine who can one-shot anyone he wants.

    Mikey knows how to fight and hit someone properly because he has been practicing martial arts since he was a child.

    He also has a natural sense of balance, which he employs whenever he attempts a roundhouse kick on his opponents.

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