Thor: Love and Thunder: How Did Jane Become Mighty Thor?

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One of the most anticipated arrivals in Thor: Love and Thunder is the return of Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this time, she won’t be the scientist everyone saw in the first two films but rather, she would be donning a new suit as the Mighty Thor. For those who haven’t read the comics, how did she end up being the female counterpart of her former flame?

Thor: Love and Thunder: How Did Jane Become Mighty Thor?

If there is one scene in the teaser of Thor: Love and Thunder that made the fans go “whoa,” it is when Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster appeared as the new wielder of the Mjolnir, now reforged, surprising everyone, even Thor himself, as she finally makes her way as the Mighty Thor, sporting the whole look and even showing her huge biceps.


In the comics, she is known as the Mighty Thor penned by Jason Aarons. Here, Jane Foster was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has to undergo chemotherapy. Surprisingly, she found out that she could lift the Mjolnir, something that normal people would not be able to do. With it, she becomes stronger and turns herself into a goddess. While her powers are not on par with Thor, her abilities are much like his when she wields the Mjolnir.

However, there is a catch: when she is not Mighty Thor, she is back to her weak and frail body dying from cancer. The other catch, a more dangerous one for her, is that whenever she suits up as the Mighty Thor, the cancer rapidly increases within her making it more deadly for her but still, she takes the hammer when Thor is not around and she carries on the mantle to protect others.

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Whether this will be the same version in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains in question and only the film can answer it once it comes out in theaters but with Thor on his way to self-discovery and declaring that his hero days are over, a new heroine has to step in to protect the others. Thor, somehow, just didn’t expect it to be his ex-girlfriend, given his surprised loom when he saw her wield the reforged Mjolnir.

See Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder set to premiere in theaters on July 8, 2022.