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The Walking Dead: Dead City: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hints at the Return of the Old Negan in Spinoff

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The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan discusses his returning role as Negan in the upcoming TWD spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City. As the Negan that everybody knows today is far different from the villain who killed Glenn (Steven Yeun) in Season 7, it looks like his old self is about to return and will put him in trouble.

Morgan and Lauren Cohan are back in The Walking Dead: Dead City to reprise their roles as Negan and Maggie to continue their journeys in the post-apocalyptic world of zombies. Now, the actor himself reveals the Negan fans are about to see in the spinoff.

The Original Negan Returns in The Walking Dead: Dead City

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 56-year-old hinted at the return of Negan, who fans loved to hate in the earlier seasons of TWD.

"Negan has an opportunity to kind of fall into some old habits because it's all a survival mechanism for him, especially if he's not with the group,” he said.

“The group kind of tamed him in a lot of ways, and to fit in, he had to stop being who he was,” he continued. “And I think away from this group; he is likely to fall into some old traps and old behaviors."

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Hence, this survival instinct may put Negan in trouble in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

"We know how Negan has survived. We have seen him in his progression on how he's survived and what he does to adapt, and I think he will always be adaptable in any situation,” he continued. “But away from people, he doesn't do well."

Negan, Maggie’s Relationship in The Walking Dead: Dead City

Morgan also touched on the issue of Negan and Maggie’s relationship in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

The TWD finale saw the two form some understanding but being away from each other might once again put them at odds with each other.

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“I think Negan being out of Maggie's line of sight for a couple years is still never going to make what happened for her go away," he explained. "I don't know if us getting along in any way is going to last. I don't know if it can."

Morgan himself knew his character was a “screwup,” being the guy who would say anything that came to his mind.

"He's just that guy that you want to smack. He's a punchable guy, and I understand that, being the guy that says the stuff that comes out of his mouth,” Morgan continued. “I want to punch him sometimes!"

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So, this just means that fans shouldn’t expect Negan and Maggie’s reunion in The Walking Dead: Dead City to be smooth sailing.

"It's him and Maggie, and there's not a lot of people with him,” he stated. “So, if I do the math on this, he's going to be in trouble. It's going to be a bad combination for him."

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