The Last of Us Showrunner Shares Abby Casting Update

Credit: Naughty Dog

Credit: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Season 2 is one of the most highly anticipated shows right now but it looks like things are going slowly for the HBO series. Co-showrunner Craig Mazin just shared an update on the casting of Abby Anderson and it isn't exactly good news.

Craig Mazin Weighs In on The Last of Us Season 2 Abby Anderson Casting

Abby Anderson is the one character that people are already looking forward to in The Last of Us Season 2. After all, the soldier played an important role in the second Naughty Dog video game and fans already have their favorites on who should play the character in the show.

Previous reports suggested that The Wilds star Shannon Berry has already been cast as Abby in the second season of The Last of Us while others believe that House of the Dragon actor Emma D'Arcy should play the soldier.

However, Craig Mazin debunked the rumors in an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, claiming "no one has been cast" just yet.

Craig Mazin also clarified previous speculations of Abby's brief cameo in the season finale of The Last of Us. Fans had pointed out that there was a girl with a braid running away when Joel attacked the Firefly hospital, and that could have been Abby.

However, the co-showrunner says that Abby wasn't in the hospital in the first place.

"I can confirm that she was not," Mazin said. "That was just one of the Fireflies that happened to have a ponytail. A lot of people have ponytails, so that was not Abby."

Although these are all disappointing updates, there is one Abby sighting that remains true. The final episode of the first season did feature Abby voice actor Laura Bailey as one of the nurses at the Firefly hospital.

For now, The Last of Us Season 2 has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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