The Last of Us Season 2 Announcement Has Fans Celebrating Abby's Arrival

In case you missed it, The Last of Us Season 2 is officially happening as HBO has renewed its latest hit series. But what can we expect in the second season? Fans of the game are already celebrating the arrival of Abby Anderson in the live-action adaptation!

For non-gamers, Abby Anderson is a character who appears in The Last of Us II who serves as an antagonist in the second title of the video game franchise. Since HBO's adaptation is expected to cover the second game in Season 2, fans have started speculating that the series is already scouting for an actor who can play Abby and Hunters star Shannon Berry has been a fan favorite for some time now.

Now people are celebrating as HBO confirms The Last of Us Season 2 is being developed and not surprisingly, there is one character that everyone is excited about. Interestingly, the enthusiasm has caused Abby's name to trend all over Twitter.

First of all, the casting has not yet been officially announced by HBO but there are speculations that the network has already cast Shannon Berry as Abby and is just waiting for the right time to make an announcement. Either way, we're all psyched up for The Last of Us Season 2.

For now, The Last of Us Season 2 appears to be in development and production plans have not yet been announced. As mentioned, new cast members have not been revealed but we're expecting Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Gabriel Luna to return as Joel, Ellie, and Tommy, respectively. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

The Last of Us Episode 2 is titled Infected and is now streaming on HBO Max. The third episode is titled Long Long Time and will finally introduce Bill and Frank. Episode 3 will premiere on HBO on Sunday, January 29, 2023.

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