The Glory Episode 13 Recap: Lee Do Hyun, Song Hye Kyo Earn Evidence After Kim Gun Woo's Murder

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

The Glory episode 13 highlights Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo's new move to reveal Lim Ji Yeon's murder.

The Glory tells the life of a former school violence victim who starts seeking revenge on her bullies. She studies to become a homeroom teacher until she starts her work as a homeroom adviser to one of the school bullies' child.

Here's what happened in The Glory episode 13.

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The Glory Episode 13 Recap

The public learns about Lee Sara's drug-related behavior at her father's church and "weather forecaster A" school bullying allegations. Ha Do Yeong goes to Park Yeon Jin and takes her to his office.

Jeon Jae Jun fails to recover the CCTV footage and realizes Son Myeong O was at his store. He then asks Choi Hye Jeong to take care of Han Ye Sol, seemingly proposing to her.

Moon Dong Eun asks Kim Gyeong Ran, who has been working at Jeon Jae Jun's store, about Son Myeong O. She tells her not to interfere so they can successfully take down Park Yeon Jin.

Ha Do Yeong asks Joo Yeo Jeong why he is helping Moon Dong Eun instead of stopping her.

More people have been learning about Park Yeon Jin's murders, including her mother. She returns to the shop where she killed Son Myeong O and checked the place for potential evidence.

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Park Yeon Jin, Choi Hye Jeong, and Lee Sara start targeting one another, with Park Yeon Jin trying to bury the bullying allegations with Lee Sara's tax evasion and drug abuse issue.

Joo Yeo Jeong and Moon Dong Eun start working to reveal Chief Shin Yeong Jun's crimes, and she learns about his dark past. She leaves the school and resigns as a teacher after her mother makes a scene.

Meanwhile, the police finally ask Park Yeon Jin where she was on the night Son Myeong O died. She asks Chief Shin Yeong Jun's help, but the police chief reveals he will resign after Son Myeong O's body is found.

The Glory episode 13 also shows Moon Dong Eun's mother triggering her fear by setting the apartment on fire.

When Was The Glory Part 2 Released?

Netflix released the highly-anticipated second part of The Glory on March 10. It remains unknown whether there will be part 3 or The Glory season 2 soon.

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