The Glory Writer Kim Eun Sook Reveals How Her Daughter's Question Inspired Her to Create Hit Kdrama Series

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

The Glory creator Kim Eun Sook shared further details about creating the now-hit series and how her daughter inspired her to write its plot.

The cast members and creators of the hit Netflix series, The Glory, appeared in a production presentation press conference ahead of the part 2's release. During the discussion, writer Kim Eun Sook shared how she got inspired to create the story.

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Writer Kim Eun Sook's Daughter Had 1 Question That Inspired The Glory

Wikitree cited Kim Eun Sook's story about the time when her daughter asked her a question. According to the writer, her child — out of nowhere — asked her if she would be more heartbroken if the daughter beat someone nearly to death or if the daughter got hit by someone else.

Kim Eun Sook was reportedly shocked by the question at that time. She was also inspired to write The Glory based on her daughter's question.

"While writing 'The Glory' I was able to find the answer to that question. I think I would have the means to solve the issue if my child came home beaten nearly to death," she said. "I have the 'money' to pursue the perpetrators to the bottoms of hell. So I think I'd rather have my child come home beaten nearly to death."

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The writer compared the question to what Song Hye Kyo's character, Moon Dong Eun, goes through in the K-drama. She noted how there are people like the character who do not have the means to sue the perpetrators and get back at them.

By creating the drama, Kim Eun Sook reportedly aims to support the victims and show how Moon Dong Eun can take revenge as it is not like that in real life.

Is The Glory Based on True Story?

Ahead of Part 2's release, questions about whether The Glory is based on a true story reemerged.

Although the Kdrama team has not commented about its connection to any real-life events, the bullying scenes in the series actually happened in South Korea two decades ago.

Newsis reported the May 2006 student, during which a group of ninth-grade students at a middle school in Cheong Ju used a student and extorted money from her for a month. They beat her with a baseball bat, kicked, and hit her.

They also burned her arms using a hot curling iron — which became the most gruesome scene in The Glory.

The bullies burned her every couple of days to check the hair iron's temperature. Her wounds never healed in between those, she revealed. Meanwhile, a source told JTBC that the perpetrator in the 2006 incident was sentenced afterwards unlike in the drama.

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