The Ending of Legacies Season 3 Explained

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Credit: The CW

Legacies Season 3 Finale is out and all we are left with are surprises and questions as to what happens next and how the ending shapes up Season 4. Following the story of Hope Mikaelson as the mystery furthers on her journey learning about her skills and abilities from her lineage at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

Warning! This portion may contain spoilers for Legacies. Read at your own risk!

The Ending of Legacies Season 3 Explained

Supposedly, Season 3 would be having 20 episodes but it has been decided that it will be cut short down to only 16 and the last four would be released by the time Season 4 arrives. While what was expected did not happen with Hope not becoming Tribrid, the finale offered more to tease for what is coming next.

In Legacies Season 3 Episode 16, Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, Cleo and Landon were together to steal from her ex-boyfriend and while it's not the usual trip down to memory lane, it is for a reason: she has to meet one of his artworks, have it combined with Hope's blood, and make a spell in order to trap Malivore.

With everything that happened throughout Season 3, Malivore has been targeted and tracked by the students of Salvatore School and it turns out, he was just hiding right before their eyes because he was posing as Landon all this time! But if he has taken the façade of Landon, what happened to the real one?

Cleo didn't realize that Malivore has been with her all along and she doesn't find out until Hope and Clarke arrived. He absorbed Cleo, beat down and stabbed Clarke, and confronted Hope. By the end of the episode, Alaric and other students managed to put him behind bars then we are all left hanging.

Various theories arise as to what comes next: about Landon, Malivore, and Hope. Obvious forerunner on these questions is Hope becoming Tribrid. While it has been suggested that the finale will involve this, surprise, it did not. It may be possible, though, that such would not be happening until the supposed finale with episode 20 but that is something to find out when it arrives this October.

As for Landon and Malivore, it is theorized that he may have made a dealt with his father resulting in Malivore taking over his body. Also, when did the switch happen? The best bet is when Landon and Hope escaped Prison World but that is something which Season 4 could shed some light on.

To sum it all up, the finale of Season 3 sets up the stage for Season 4 perfectly. Albeit the episode leaving everyone hanging, it also held that factor of making us excited for what is in store and what will be happening when the series comes back.

Legacies will be back for another season on October 14, 2021, at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CT only on The CW.


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