The Eminence in Shadow: Cid’s VA Reveals Iconic "Atomic" Moment Was Nearly Very Different

Eminence in Shadow Atomic Cid Kagenou

Eminence in Shadow Atomic Cid Kagenou

The Eminence in Shadow Cid Kagenou VA Seiichiro Yamashita recently shared how the iconic “I am Atomic” moment from the anime was originally different from what we saw in Episode 5.

Yamashita was interviewed recently by Animate Times as part of a series that leads up to the show’s upcoming finale.

There, he mentioned his thoughts on playing Cid in the now-popular isekai anime. He also shared an interesting tidbit about Cid’s iconic power moment.

The Eminence in Shadow’s Upcoming Finale

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It may have been overshadowed a bit by the likes of Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock! in the Fall 22 season, but The Eminence in Shadow has quickly become one of the new stand-out isekai shows.

Despite beginning its run in October, the series’ first season is only about to end in the middle of Winter 23. Thankfully, this is not because of delays, but due to how it has an unusual episode count.

With the season ending on the upcoming 20th episode, now is a perfect time to look back at the series, and that’s exactly what Yamashita did in the interview.

Yamashita remarked that the excitement for both himself and the fans is at its peak now, given that the finale is coming soon.

He also said that he’s happy with how the action has accelerated during the Bushin Festival.

While the action is at the forefront of his mind, Yamashita also likes the focus on Rose’s conflict in the second half.

He also mentioned that Alexia’s growth and the story of Iris are key highlights.

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Cid Kagenou’s “I am Atomic” Line

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Looking back to the earlier episodes, it’s fair to say that Cid Kagenou's “I am Atomic” scene was a pivotal moment as it showed his impressive power, not to mention that it’s a signature move of his in the light novel series.

Fans praised Yamashita’s voice acting at that moment as many believed he perfectly captured what they had imagined in the novels.

Though Yamashita said that the scene was originally much different.

He explained that he tried to utter the line many times and with different styles, including shouting the words so that it seemed to have more impact.

Yamashita felt pressure to perfectly deliver the line given its significance. In the end, he went with the whispery style.

While it may not seem to be the best option at first, it was executed perfectly in the fifth episode.

The Eminence in Shadow will end in Episode 20, which releases today on HIDIVE.

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Source: Animate Times

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