Who Does Cid End Up With in The Eminence in Shadow?

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Who Does Cid Kagenou End Up With in The Eminence in Shadow Cid Kagenou
Credit: Nexus

The Eminence in Shadow was one of the most prominent of the Fall 2022 anime season, but is it an isekai anime with romance? And if so, who does Cid end up with in The Eminence in Shadow?

There's a lot of speculation given the vast female cast surrounding the main character, so let's break this down with all the information we have so far.

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Who Is Cid Kagenou?

Who Is Cid Kagenou
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Credit: Nexus

Cid Kagenou (formerly known as Minoru) has always wanted to be an evil mastermind working from the shadows.

His original life in modern-day Japan ended abruptly, and so did his dream.

Reincarnated in a magical world as Cid Kagenou, he gets another chance to show everyone the true eminence of the shadows.

Does Cid End Up With Akane Nishino?

Does Cid End Up With Akane Nishino in The Eminence in Shadow
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Credit: Nexus

Akane Nishino is one of Cid's classmates from his previous life as a Japanese student. While a possibility of romance is implied, the two don't end up together.

Unfortunately, the story of Akane is used as little more than an excuse to explain Cid's character and goals back when he was Minoru Kagenou.

Akane is angry and bitter that Cid doesn't pay her any attention but, ultimately, she's reduced to a plot device, only there to demonstrate that Cid can single-handedly rescue her from her kidnappers.

This early beginning was changed from the light novel, and it doesn't reflect well on the anime, according to many fans of the original.

Worse still, Akane doesn't get a chance to become a full-fledged character, as Cid dies and gets reincarnated elsewhere.

Does Cid End Up With Alpha?

Does Cid End Up With Alpha in The Eminence in Shadow
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So far, Alpha and Cid have not ended up together, though there's a lot of potential there, with an almost-kiss featured in one of the trailers.

Cid rescues Alpha early on, but their relationship isn't built on equal grounds as he instantly starts manipulating her with lies about the supposed Diabolos Cult.

However, Alpha comes to her own soon enough. She and Cid form a society called the Shadow Garden to resist Diabolos Cult.

Alpha recruits six more girls and they're collectively known as the Shadow Seven.

Cid is merely amused that Alpha believes his stories, and, after a while, he comes to think that the girls are just good at roleplaying.

But by the end of Episode 2, Alpha announces that the Shadow Seven will be leaving to hunt the Diabolos Cult, whom they believe to be the kidnappers of Cid's sister, Claire.

Alpha is definitely a main contender for ending up with Cid, being the leader of the Shadow Seven and the one closest to him.

However, given Cid's personality, we wouldn't be surprised if she ended up leaving him for good.

Does Cid End Up With Any of the Shadow Seven Members?

Does Cid End Up With Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta or Eta in The Eminence in Shadow
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Cid doesn't end up with Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, or Eta -- greek alphabet code names adopted by the members of the Shadow Garden.

While he's on good terms with many of them, romance remains only potential, though Delta loves him deeply.

Does Cid End Up With Alexia?

Does Cid End Up With Alexia in The Eminence in Shadow
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Credit: Nexus

When Cid does badly in an exam, he's forced (due to a bet) to confess to Alexia, one of his classmates who is a princess.

In doing so, he only hoped to be rejected and solidify his status as a background character but, to his surprise, Alexia accepts his confession, and the two start dating.

Their relationship, however, is short-lived. Cid soon finds out that Alexia is engaged to someone she doesn't intend to marry, and she's only using Cid.

Eventually, Alexia ends the relationship.

Does Cid End Up With Rose?

Do Cid and Rose End Up Together?
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Credit: Nexus

Princess Rose Oriana is another one of Cid's friends whom he rescued when they were children. While there's some confusion about their relationship, including a ring misunderstanding, the two don't end up together.

Cid started truly respecting Rose when she stabbed her fiancé, Perv Asshat. In the chaotic aftermath, Rose joined the Shadow Garden.

Who Does Cid End Up With?

Who Does Cid End Up With in The Eminence in Shadow Shadow Seven
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Credit: Nexus

Cid hasn't ended up with anyone so far in The Eminence in Shadow. He and Alexia briefly date when she unexpectedly accepts his fake confession.

Of course, as expected, this doesn't work long term, so Cid's love life is once again open to interpretation.

The Eminence in Shadow is currently a little too reliant on harem anime tropes, with a single male character being surrounded by countless female ones.

Moreover, lots of these girls end up getting kidnapped and rescued by Cid at some point, which doesn't help the anime's image.


At least, the anime seems to lean more towards comedy, with the girls understanding that something sinister is happening, even though Cid himself denies this.

These comedic elements make The Eminence in Shadow fun to watch, though it still isn't the best when it comes to romantic relationships.

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