Is The Eminence in Shadow a Harem Anime? Genre Explained

Is The Eminence in Shadow a Harem Anime Alpha
Credit: Nexus

Is The Eminence in Shadow a Harem Anime Alpha
Credit: Nexus

From the get-go, The Eminence in Shadow is a dark fantasy and isekai anime wherein the male lead, Cid Kagenou, is surrounded by powerful women. But does this mean that The Eminence in Shadow is a harem anime?

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Here's a Short Definition of Harem Anime

Harem Anime Definition
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A harem is a genre in which the (usually male) protagonist is surrounded by three or more love interests. 100 Girlfriends is a recent example.

There are also anime informally known as "reverse harem" whereby the female lead is surrounded by multiple male characters. Yona of the Dawn is a classic example.

While it is true that Cid has a lot of women around him, are they potential love interests?

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Is The Eminence in Shadow a Harem?

Is The Eminence in Shadow a Harem Shadow Garden
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The Eminence in Shadow is indeed a harem anime. Although not all characters are in love with Cid, there are still three or more girls who have romantic feelings for him, exemplifying the main concept of a harem series.

One of the characters who are in love with Cid is Alexia Midgar, a haughty princess who dated Cid as part of an act before developing genuine feelings for him.

Another character is Beta, one of the members of Shadow Garden. She dreams of embracing Cid one day and even gets jealous of any girl who is not part of Shadow Garden.

The Eminence in Shadow Beta
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Delta is also shown to be in love with Cid and hugs him every chance she gets. She does not mind sharing him with other members of the Shadow Garden.

Meanwhile, there are other characters who are loyal to Cid, but so far, they don't seem to have romantic feelings for him.

One of those would be Alpha, who is willing to die for Cid and her team but has other interests outside of him and doesn't seem attracted to him.

Another character is Gamma, who has a deep admiration for Cid and is very interested in his power, without being in love with him.

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Does Cid Kagenou End Up With Anyone?

Who Ends up With Cid in The Eminence in Shadow Cid
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As of writing, there is still no update or confirmation on who ends up with Cid.

The novel, light novel, and manga are still ongoing, with no hints of ending anytime soon.

Therefore, fans will have to wait some time to find out who Cid ends up with, if at all.

The anime made its debut as part of the Fall 2022 season on AT-X and other related channels.

Sentai Filmworks acquired the license for the series while HIDIVE is currently streaming the anime exclusively.

The Eminence in Shadow ended up being so popular that it received a second season a year later in Fall 2023.

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