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Who Knows That Cid Is Shadow in The Eminence in Shadow?

who knows cid is shadow eminence in shadow
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Cid Kagenou is the leader and founder of Shadow Garden. But he is also the mysterious Shadow whose goal is to become a mastermind. So, who knows Cid is Shadow and will his secret identity be revealed to all?

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How Does Cid Support His Shadow Persona?

Cid manages to support his Shadow persona through a combination of theatrics and disguises.

He is known to have a frail constitution and generic facial features. He also wears a simple uniform most of the time while acting as his ordinary Cid persona.

However, when he acts as Shadow, he wears a full-body slime suit, boots, a hooded trench coat, gloves, and a domino mask.

Who Knows Cid Is Shadow in The Eminence in Shadow?

Only a few people in the series know about Cid's Shadow identity. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon, Alexia, and Zack are among the cast who knows Cid is Shadow.

It is also heavily implied that Elizabeth, Aurora, and Akane know who Cid really is.

Shadow is the leader of the Shadow Garden. He is known to be a cool and stylish character loved by the members of the organization.

Who Knows That Cid Is Shadow
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This is the exact opposite of his ordinary persona, Cid, who wants to lie low so that no one will find out he's Shadow.

To keep people from finding out who he really is, Cid would change the tone of his voice, act nervous, and even sweat whenever he interacts with others.

However, it seems like he cannot keep his secret forever as some characters in the fantasy anime have already found out the truth.

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Why Must Cid Act as an Ordinary Person?

Why Does Cid Have to Act as an Ordinary Person Cid
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Cid’s dream is to become the Eminence in Shadow. He needs the shadows to act as the stage for his special abilities while he uses his everyday life as a way for people to not find out that connected to Shadow.

He hides any suspicious behavior while trying to accomplish his goal. This explains why Cid and Shadow’s personalities are very opposite.

As Shadow, his abilities and techniques are exposed, whereas his life as Cid makes him a background character that people will easily forget.

Why Does Cid Have to Act as an Ordinary Person Cid
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He even chose two of the most ordinary characters as his friends to complete his disguise.

While he tries his best to play both roles, some characters make things a little complicated for him, leading to hilarious scenarios.

The Eminence in Shadow does not only focus on magic and fight scenes, as the contrasting personas Cid has to embody make for entertaining and humorous moments.

Will Everyone Find Out About Cid's Identity?

Will Everyone Find Out Cid Is Shadow
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With the isekai anime currently ongoing, we can't predict whether Cid's identity as Shadow will eventually become common knowledge.

The manga and light novel are similarly not completed, so it remains to be seen if the OP protagonist will finally be found out.

However, some characters, including Rose Oriana, Claire Kagenou, and Akane Nishino are starting to suspect the truth even if they don't know for sure yet.

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