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The Blacklist Season 9: Is Panabaker The New Big Bad?

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers and plot predictions for The Blacklist Season 9. Read at your own risk.

Fans waited for a month to enjoy new episodes of The Blacklist Season 9. But, after airing three episodes in January, the NBC show is on a break, once again.

While waiting for the new installments, though, avid viewers have begun to form new theories and speculations about this season’s plot. This especially refers to the heartbreaking passing of Liz, particularly, the mastermind behind her death in Season 8.

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Did Panabaker Hire Vandyke To Do The Job?

In the latest episode of The Blacklist, fans learned that Vandyke pulled the trigger and caused the death of Liz. Many now speculate that it was Panabaker who ordered the job, according to Express UK.

The publication said that netizens took their thoughts and theories to Reddit, explaining why it would make sense that Panabaker is the architect of the crime. Some pointed out that she had a “burn notice on Liz,” adding that she always wanted to “tie up loose ends” in the Task Force.

If the speculations are true, then she is reportedly likely to become the “big bad” of the existing plot.

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What Went Down In Episode 9, Boukman Baptiste

The latest episode of The Blacklist uncovered what actually happened prior to the death of Liz. She met with Dembe at a coffee shop to give the letter containing the real identity of Raymond Reddington.

Vandyke was at the same shop where the exchange took place. He took the opportunity and pulled the trigger, causing the shocking demise of Liz.

The speculations have seemingly emerged after viewers wonder how Vandyke knew where Liz was going. Others also argued that he killed her not because of loyalty to Townsend, considering that his employer is already dead.

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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 10 Release Date

Whatever the case, though, avid viewers will get more answers once the show returns on NBC.

There is little information as to why The Blacklist Season 9 entered another hiatus this year. But, reports said that Episode 10 will air on February 25.

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