Lee Jin Wook Considers Casting Offer For Marriage White Paper

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It took years before Lee Jin Wook rose to apparent fame. But, ever since his big break in the late 2000s, he has continued to dominate the space with his acting skills.

To date, he has already led numerous movie and series materials. It appears that more is to come for the actor as he continues to receive offers from productions.


Recently, he obtained a casting offer for a new drama. His agency, BH Entertainment, released an official statement regarding the matter.

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Lee Jin Wook In Talks With Production

Soompi said that the label dropped the announcement for clarifications. As explained, there were reports claiming that Lee Jin Wook had already signed a deal to play a lead role for Marriage White Paper.

BH Entertainment noted that this is not the case as the South Korean actor is still considering the offer. This confirmed, however, that the Sweet Home star, indeed, received a proposal for the new series.


In the same statement, the rep revealed that Lee Jin Wook is currently “in talks” with the series’ dedicated production. It is also said that he is looking at it in a “positive light,” adding that the discussions seemingly entail “a favorable outlook.”

Reports said that the character, Seo Joon Hyung is a “smitten groom-to-be” who happily yields to his partner’s commands.

Lee Yeon Hee Takes The Opposite Role

While Lee Jin Wook is still reportedly considering the role, Lee Yeon Hee has already confirmed her appearance on the new series. Pinkvilla reported that the actress confirmed the matter earlier on Thursday.


She will play the role of Kim Na Eun, who is one of the leading characters. As described, she is a “smart and stubborn woman,” appearing to be the complete opposite of the other lead.

About Marriage White Paper

Marriage White Paper is an original material from Kakao TV. The plot centers on a couple in their 30s who plans to tie the knot.

AllKpop reported that it is a realistic romance title that takes on the actual process of marriage preparations. While the couple expects to have a fairytale-like happy ending, the reality of the process proves them otherwise.


Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook is gearing up, as well, for the premiere of his new fantasy drama, Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. It will premiere on tvN and Netflix on December 18.