D.P. Season 2 Receives Green Light From Netflix

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Fans have waited long enough to know whether D.P. Season 2 will happen on Netflix. Following its pilot premiere on the streaming platform, many have already wondered about its renewal.

The first season, which houses a total of six episodes, dropped on August 27, 2021. It quickly amassed positive reviews and ratings from various critics and viewers.

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Despite the continued buzz surrounding its potential second-season renewal, the public did not receive any confirmation about the matter. It was not until earlier on Tuesday when Netflix gave the green light, according to Soompi.


D.P. Season 2 Confirmation From Netflix

Director Han Joon Hee and author Kim Bo Tong will, once again, collaborate for D.P. Season 2. As for the production, Climax Studio will remain in charge of this aspect, as it did for the pilot installment.

Considering that the new season renewal has just arrived, there is little information about the matter. But, reports said that viewers are already “looking forward” to seeing what the second set of episodes will have in store for its audience.

Jung Hae In Previously Hinted A New Season In The Works

Earlier in September, lead actor Jung Hae In seemingly hinted that D.P. Season 2 would happen on Netflix. In one of his interviews, he said that he, himself, is “looking forward to a second season,” according to Cheat Sheet.

The Something In The Rain star, also, revealed that he had heard about the director and writer already working on the script. He even asserted that the production had started to put the wheels in motion.

In the end, the South Korean celebrity stated that he wants to show his character’s growth in the next course of the series.


About The Highly Praised South Korean Series

D.P. is a Netflix Original material, taking its basis on the popular webtoon of the same title. It stands for “Deserter Pursuit,” and is about a special military squad that chases down deserters.

Jung Hae In plays the lead character, Ahn Jun Ho. He is a new recruit for the D.P. squad, though, he has yet to adapt to military life.

The pilot season seemingly concluded its course, leaving viewers with more questions about the plot. Accordingly, D.P. Season 2 will most likely pick up where it last left off.