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Squid Game Creator Talks About Seasons 2, 3 On Netflix

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Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

Only months have passed since Squid Game premiered on Netflix. But, despite this, the clamor for a new season of the series has already become increasingly more apparent.

It appears, however, that no official word has emerged from the streaming giant yet. Nevertheless, the creator of the title has recently provided some teasers about the potential second and third installments.

AllKpop released a report on the matter detailing what Hwang Dong Hyuk shared in one of his interviews.

In Talks With Netflix About The Future Of Squid Game

Earlier this week, the Squid Game creator revealed that he is currently in “discussions with Netflix” about the material’s Seasons 2 and 3. But, while he did not dwell on the details, he noted that they will likely “reach some sort of conclusion soon.”

Hwang Dong Hyuk continued that everyone is “working hard” for the preparation. He also acknowledged that “people are waiting,” thus, they are working with an “optimistic outlook.”

Netflix, later on, commented that they are, indeed, talking about a “wide variety of possibilities” for the series. However, “nothing has yet been set in stone.”

About The Potential New Installments, And Their Plots

The Squid Game creator then shared some insight on the possible plot of the show’s second season. He asserted that it would focus on the story of Seong Gi Hun, the character Lee Jung Hae played on the pilot course.

As he unravels everything, the second season run may center, as well, on the people he meets and chases after.

Hwang Dong Hyuk previously said a similar point when discussing the potential plots of Seasons 2 and 3. Apart from the lead character’s story, it may also dwell on the narrative involving the police officer, as well as his brother.

Squid Game Season 2 may also explore the story of the “recruiter in a suit,” the one who gives the card to Gi Hun after playing the fame of ddakji.


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