Tammy Slaton Shock: 1000-Lb Sisters Star Gaining Weight While In Rehab? Why Fans Think So

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Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

Tammy Slaton is in a rehab facility to continue her weight loss journey following her most recent health scare. However, the 1000-Lb Sisters star's skeptical fans were not convinced that she is losing weight for some reason. Some even believed that she was gaining more pounds.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton In Rehab But Gaining Weight Not Losing

In the last season of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton decided to check into rehab to lose weight after making unhealthy choices. However, her family was shocked because she suddenly stopped breathing, prompting them to take her to the hospital.

She was put in an induced coma and woke up after four days. After recovery, she decided to continue her original plan — to check into rehab to lose weight. She has been in a rehab facility for months and has remained active on social media. However, some fans don't think that she is losing weight.

In Tammy's Instagram post last week, several skeptic fans commented about her weight, suggesting that there were no changes at all. Some even said that she was gaining weight instead of losing.

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"She’s not losing weight, if she was she wouldn’t be on a breathing machine or in a nursing facility. Start working on your diet Tammy," martinamonet commented.

"I can't see she is losing weight," another wrote.

Some netizens speculate that Tammy can still continue her unhealthy lifestyle even if she's in rehab and gain weight because guests can bring food to her.

"The [facility] that Tammy‘s in allows visitors with outside food," one fan wrote, per Screen Rant.

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One netizen also shared a snap of Tammy while in rehab on Reddit. According to the said netizen, Tammy was allegedly lying because she's not losing weight. Some agreed that she has gained more pounds.

"She looks like she's gained more weight," one commented.

"I see no weight loss. Her forearms are as fat as ever," a different Reddit user added.

"She looks worse," another wrote.

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Tammy Slaton's Fans Hope To See Her Transformation In 1000-Lb Sisters Star Season 4

Even if many doubt Tammy Slaton's weight loss progress, her solid fans believed she was shedding pounds. In the 1000-Lb Sisters finale, Tammy's brother, Chris, said she already lost 115 lbs just 30 days in the rehab.

Many defended Tammy from those saying she lied about her weight loss. According to them, losing a 100-pound weight for someone as big as Tammy won't be that noticeable.

Many also cheered on Tammy to continue her weight loss efforts because they wanted to see her transformation when TLC renewed her reality show for another season.

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"I can’t wait to see season 4! You look like a pretty princess," one commented on her Instagram post.

"She'd def lost enough to have the surgery!!! I can't wait to see the next season," another wrote.

"Hey Tammy hope you are doing great sweetheart I heard that you guys are doing a season 4 I screamed for joy when I read it in the news you are going to make all your fans extremely excited and beyond happy love you girl," a different fan added.

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TLC has not confirmed the renewal of 1000-Lb Sisters yet. However, the 35-year-old star seemingly hinted that they are returning for Season 4 by responding to a fan asking about an update of her weight loss on TikTok.

"I would love to give you a weight loss update but you would have to wait until season 4 comes out. Sorry," Tammy said. "Just know that I'm staying on track and everything is looking up."


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Tammy Slaton and 1000-Lb Sisters.

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