1000-lb Sisters: Why Youtubers Side With Tammy Slaton While TLC Viewers Are Team Amy Slaton

1000-lb sisters, tammy slaton, amy slaton, youtubers, tlc
Credit: TLC/YouTube

1000-lb sisters, tammy slaton, amy slaton, youtubers, tlc
Credit: TLC/YouTube

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton have a complicated relationship. Before the sisters landed a reality show on TLC, they were making waves on YouTube. However, their fan base is divided based on where they met or discovered the reality stars, according to Cheat Sheet.

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1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Preferred On YouTube

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton gained massive fans on YouTube before they became TLC stars. Each of them has its own YouTube channel.

Amy raised eyebrows and got into trouble when she posted a video claiming that Tammy was dying. She alleged that Tammy was hospitalized due to pneumonia and couldn't breathe.

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Amy asked for donations to pay for her sister's funeral because her medical card would not be enough to cover all of the bills. So, she set up a GoFundMe account, adding that they needed a supersize coffin because Tammy was so big that they had to triple its size.

After a few days, Tammy appeared with Amy in a video and she looked fine. Amy promised to return the donations, but many said they didn't receive the refund.

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1000-lb Sisters Star Amy Slaton TLC Audiences' Favorite

Meanwhile, it's a different story for those who discovered the reality stars on TLC's 1000-lb Sisters. In the series, many find Tammy's attitude unbearable and they sympathize with Amy. It is the case especially for those who aren't aware of Amy's previous scam.

Most of the audience does not like Tammy's attitude because she is bossy and does not care about Amy.

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"Is Tammy always so freaking insufferable? Why does she always blame Amy for her issues? Is there something I'm missing? I can't stand her attitude. I feel like she has some evil, dark side of her, and I can't shake that feeling," one asked on Reddit.

Another viewer said Tammy was being whiny and spoiled. She expects her sister Amy to always consider her and she throws a fit and plays victim whenever she doesn't get what she wants.

In 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 trailer, Tammy pushed Amy's button again, by calling her "stupid." Amy asked Tammy to stop calling her that way, but the latter didn't listen and called her "stupid" multiple times. Amy had enough and walked out, but Tammy just said, she didn't care.

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