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Tammy Slaton Shock: 1000-Lb. Sisters Accused Of Physically Assaulting A Nurse

Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy Slaton, have been at the center of various controversies in the past years. However, one of the most serious allegations against the 1000-lb. Sisters, Tammy, was the rumor that she hit a nurse.

1000-Lb. Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Accused Of Hitting A Nurse

Tammy Slaton has been unpopular due to her temper, dating history of going out with married men and more. But the TV personality's alleged physical altercation with a nurse was what shocked her fanbase the most, Screen Rant reported.

Tammy has struggled with her weight loss journey which made her a regular patient at facilities that closely monitors her diet and exercise routine. There were rumors that she lost her temper in one of the rehabilitation facilities and allegedly hit a nurse.

"Accusations have come out against her, accusing her of physically assaulting a nurse," SoapDirt reported.

A number of Tammy's fans and followers confronted her about the issue. One even asked her in a now-deleted post per The List, "I heard you smacked a nurse. Why Tammy?"

How Did The 1000-Lb. Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Respond To The Allegation?

Following the reports about her alleged physical altercation with a nurse, the 1000-lbs. Sisters star faced abuse accusations. Tammy Slaton didn't hide her disappointment to her fans who immediately judged her.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, Tammy warned her fans to never believe everything they hear or see about her. She insisted that the alleged encounter didn't happen and that she would never "hit or kick or bite or throw something at a nurse."

She also didn't think twice in slamming her fans who immediately believed in the rumors against her calling them "dumb as a box of rocks."

Although Tammy's fans were divided, many of them believed her. They were convinced that Tammy is unlikely to hit a nurse.

1000-lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton's Other Controversies

As mentioned, Tammy Slaton has been linked to various scandals. The 1000-lb. Sisters star was also banned from TikTok. Her fans speculated that it was because she lied about her age and allegedly scammed her fans.

Several also complained about her videos on Cameo. Her fans paid her to make video greetings for them or their loved ones. However, Tammy allegedly didn't know how to capture good videos. They were also not happy because she didn't follow their instructions and would often say she didn't know what to say.

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