Does Miyo Have Powers in My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage: Does Miyo Have Powers?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

My Happy Marriage: Does Miyo Have Powers?
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Miyo Saimori is a slave to her own family. They don’t see her worth, especially his father, who doesn’t want anything to do with her after she was betrothed to Kiyoka Kudou. But does Miyo have powers in My Happy Marriage?

My Happy Marriage is a historical, supernatural romance anime that revolves around the budding romance between the Japanese Cinderella, Miyo Saimori, and her Prince Charming, the dashing Kiyoka Kudou.

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Miyo: The Unwanted Daughter of the Saimori Household

Miyo Saimori had it rough in life. Her mother died, and her father remarried in an instant, not caring about her feelings.

Worse, Miyo’s stepmother is the scum of the Earth, including her wicked daughter, who will stop at nothing just to ridicule her.

At such a young age, Miyo experienced slavery, abuse, and torture from the very people she considers her family.

The only ones who were kind to her were her childhood friend, Kouji Tatsuishi, and her attendant, who was fired after she confronted her stepmother about her late mother’s heirlooms.

From then on, Miyo’s life has been miserable. She serves her family like a maid, contrary to other families whose firstborn is held in a higher position.

Instead, Miyo’s rights and privileges were given to Kaya.

However, the only ones who were aware of Miyo’s situation were her own family and the Tatsuishi household.

Even Kiyoka Kudou has to dig deep into her background in order to find out the truth about her timid and peculiar behavior.

When Miyo reached marriageable age, she was forced to surrender herself to Kiyoka Kudou, who allegedly had a cruel and nasty attitude toward his former fiancées.

She thought she could marry Kouji and live a peaceful life with him, but this circumstance was also given to Kaya instead of her.

Fortunately, the rumors about Kiyoka Kudou are untrue. He was a very kind man who would do anything to protect Miyo from any harm, including her family.

This time, perhaps Miyo will be able to feel that she is worthy of becoming a part of the Kudou household.

Does Miyo Have Powers in My Happy Marriage?

Does Miyo Have Powers in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

As part of the Usuba clan, Miyo Saimori awakened the power of Dream Sight in My Happy Marriage. She can walk into other people's dreams, see the past, future, and present, brainwash people, and even manipulate their minds.

Miyo has no Spirit Sight, unlike the other normal gift users. This is the reason Shinichi Saimori did not favor her after her mother passed away and Kaya was born.

For him, Miyo is a worthless child because she failed to awaken the supernatural gift of the Saimori household.

Back when Miyo was a child, her father asked her and Kaya to have a Spirit Sight test.

They both participated, but it was only Kaya who saw the grotesquerie laid out for them by their father.

In fact, Miyo didn’t flinch in her seat, while Kaya obviously had fear in her eyes.

As a result, Miyo didn’t get the same attention and affection from the head of the household.

Despite this, Miyo was allowed to stay on the premises, but only as a slave to the family. She was no different from the other slaves, who cleaned the mess, cooked, did laundry, and so on.

When Miyo entered the Kudou household, she even feared that Kiyoka would dump her after knowing her incompetence and lack of supernatural gifts.

At the time, it was important for a respected man like Kiyoka to get married to someone who also had a supernatural gift.

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Thus, Miyo was worried she would be dismissed from the household with no other place to go.

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How Did Miyo Awaken Her Powers?

How Did Miyo Awaken Her Powers in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

Miyo awakened her powers in My Happy Marriage after her Dream Sight got out of control in her nightmares.

As it turns out, her powers were sealed by her very own mother, Sumi Usuba, to protect her from bad people who wanted to exploit Miyo's Dream Sight for their personal interests.

This is expected as Miyo is of Usuba descent, which the Tatsuishi family knows about.

In fact, the head of the family wanted Miyo to marry Kouji instead of Kaya just because of her Usuba blood.

Most notably, he believes that there’s a possibility that Miyo will give birth to a child who can channel the Usuba gift, which he can use to propel the power and influence of the Tatsuishi family.

Will Miyo Have Powers in My Happy Marriage?
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Credit: Kinema Citrus

According to Kiyoka’s investigation, the Usuba Family has a supernatural gift that can influence people’s minds.

It is a very dangerous gift that can alter a person’s emotions, decisions, behavior, attitude, and so on. They thought it was only a myth, but it turns out the Usubas are real.

In the My Happy Marriage manga, Kiyoka has been sensing Miyo’s supernatural abilities, especially when she’s having a nightmare.

Following Kiyoka and Miyo's visit to Arata, the truth about Miyo's powers finally came to light.

She has an omnipotent ability that, when mastered, will be greater and stronger than that of the Emperor's Divine Revelation!

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