Who Is Tokyo Revengers’ Most Powerful Fighter?

Who Is Tokyo Revengers’ Most Powerful Fighter?

Who Is Tokyo Revengers’ Most Powerful Fighter?

As Tokyo Revengers fans know, every character in the series is skilled, be it a protagonist or an antagonist. In fact, fans have their preferred fighter and would often debate which is stronger. This encouraged us to finally settle the debate and answer who is Tokyo Revengers’ most powerful fighter?

For those who have not watched the anime yet, Tokyo Revengers is about Takemichi Hanagaki who has the ability to manipulate time. He used his power to go back in time to prevent the death of the woman he loves. To complete his mission, he must be part of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Who Is Tokyo Revengers’ Most Powerful Fighter?

Who Is Tokyo Revengers’ Most Powerful Fighter? 2
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Even if there are a lot of great fighters in the series like Takemichi and Draken, San Manjiro or Mikey is still the strongest of them all. Also known as Invincible Mikey, San Manjiro can win a fight singlehandedly with just his nuclear kicks.

His amazing kicks are known to be powerful and fast, despite Mikey wearing bandages. The opponent will not even notice that it is already coming for them.

His incredible strength adds a factor to why he is considered the strongest. He can beat older kids under normal circumstances so imagine how he can fight them when he’s mad. Although Mikey isn’t the smartest or smallest character, no one has ever beaten him in the series.

His punching ability with his fast reflexes is popular too, making it a real threat to his opponents. Mikey also has had experience in martial arts since he was a kid. This explains why his flexibility and fighting sense are above other characters.

Mikey's resilience and endurance are note-worthy too and have helped in winning various times. No matter how many times his enemy can knock him down, Mikey can always find a way to get back up easily.

It would take a lot of strength and technique to achieve that since Mikey’s kicks are unlike any other. His fighting skills even improved as he grew up, making it harder for his enemies to catch up with him. He can take down crowds, older kids, and other skilled fighters.

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