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STAYC Reveals Next Step After Recent Comeback

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Credit: STAYC/YouTube Screenshot

STAYC is growing to become one of the best K-pop girl groups in history, and the members will make that happen through their current goals.

In 2020, STAYC debuted under High Up Entertainment and offered Star to a Young Culture debut single album. Despite being a rookie group, they have already won awards from different award-giving bodies, including Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards.

They also made it to Billboard World Digital Song Chart. Last month, they dropped, which debuted No. 1 on the Gaon Album Chart.

With their recent success, STAYC members revealed that they have future goals for the group as they highlight their individual charms.

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STAYC Shares Plan As Group

STAYC has been tapped to grace the pages of Marie Claire Korea’s April issue. In the interview after their pictorial, the K-pop girl group talked about several things including their plans for themselves.

According to STAYC members, they have a better plan instead of going higher than where they are right now.

“Instead of going up high, we think it’s more important to move forward without stopping. In order to step on stage altogether for our next promotions too, we hope that all our members are healthy,” they said.

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The members added that even before their debut, they had been aiming to become a long-running group. They also want STAYC to be known soon, like how the members are starting to feel they have consistently grown in the past years.

To make it possible, they would reportedly use everything they have to brand their group and build their team.

STAYC Shows More Sides of Them During Recent Comeback

As of press time, STAYC is enjoying the attention their single, Run2U, is getting.

The song debuted at No. 29 on South Korea’s Gaon Charts before ascending to No. 11 eventually. It also scored Billboard K-pop Hot 100’s No. 50 on March 5 before becoming No. 11 the following week.

As for the secret behind their recent project’s success, STAYC said they improved everything while making the song.

“We were sure about the song, so we had more confidence than nerves. If our past performances were cheerful, we’ve added charisma to ‘RUN2U,’” they said.

STAYC is also scheduled to appear in the upcoming KCON 2022 Premiere event in Seoul, Tokyo, and Chicago. The group will join HIGHLIGHT, MONSTA X, The Boyz, TO1, NMIZZ, and NiziU in the event.


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