Star Wars: Rosario Dawson Admits Ahsoka Tano is the 'Most Physically Demanding Role' Ever

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There is little doubt that playing a Force user who is exceptionally capable with two lightsabers is not easy. Not surprisingly, The Mandalorian star Rosario Dawson is realizing this little fact now that the new Star Wars series about Ahsoka Tano is in production. Dawson has opened up about playing the former Jedi Knight in Ahsoka and confirms that it is "the most physically demanding role" she has taken in her career.

Rosario Dawson recently spoke to Vanity Fair where she admitted that she had to make a lot of physical preparations to play Ahsoka despite not being a fan of going to the gym.

"Man, I am not a workout-y person, and I'm in my 40s getting into the most physically demanding role of my life," Dawson said. She then pointed out that she needed to take extra steps to portray Ahsoka.

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"She's not someone who gets tired. I can't play this like a human. She is an indefatigable alien. She's precise. She's master level," Dawson said. "The challenge is for me to show up and express that... It's like, I won't necessarily work out for myself, but I'll work out for Ahsoka any day of the week."

The commitment is inspired by her own love for Star Wars. "I'm a huge fan, and I don't want to watch and be like, 'Yo, Ahsoka's hand seems a little shaky there,'" Dawson said.

It's no secret that Dawson had been campaigning to play Ahsoka Tano before she actually got the role. And now that she is playing the character, we're happy to know that Dawson is fully committed to playing Ahsoka and we can't wait to see her in action again soon.

Dawson debuted as Ahsoka in The Mandalorian Season 2 and is currently filming for the character's standalone series.

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