Rosario Dawson Talks About Online Campaign To Have Her Play Live-Action Ahsoka

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There's been a lot of talk going on about Rosario Dawson being linked to a live-action Ahsoka Tahno role in the Star Wars film franchise after the Marvel star expressed interest in playing the role back in February.

While some fans consider Dawson a bit too old to play Anakin's Padawan there have been speculations that Lucasfilm is considering the actress for the role after Dave Filoni and Star Wars Twitter account have started following Dawson on the social media platform.

Now, Dawson expresses desire to play Ahsoka on the big screen yet again in an interview with Good Morning America. The actress talks about how fans have started campaigning for her to get the part online and how amazing it would be to get the part.

Check it out down here:


Speaking with Dawson, one of Good Morning America's hosts, Michael Strahan, also pointed out the fact that the Star Wars Twitter account has been following the actress. Her response was to gesture a sign for prayer while saying "I know! I think it's a good sign! Internet help me out!"

Though some fans say that Ahsoka voice actress Ashley Eckstein out to be given a shot at playing Ahsoka first, Dawson's also been receiving a lot of support from the Star Wars fan community and it seems like she's dying to get the role.


The actress has been keeping track of Star Wars Rebels, so if Lucasfilm ever decides to bring the Togruta Force user to the big screen, she'll definitely have a decent understanding of Ahsoka's character and personality on hand for the role.

What are your thoughts on Dawson wanting to be Ahsoka? Feel free express yourself in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, as we wait for official news on Ahsoka coming to the big screen, we're also keeping an eye out on Star Wars Rebels which premieres its fourth and final season this fall.

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