Star Wars Comic Creator Reveals Luke Skywalker Is Based On Mark Hamill’s Real-Life Kindness

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There is no doubt that Mark Hamill’s portrayal of Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker remains to be unbeaten as fans have always associated him with the character he played for over forty years. Star Wars comic creator Charles Soule took to twitter by posting that one Luke Skywalker moment is based on his real-life experience with Mark Hamill’s real-life kindness. You can read the tweet below:


The tweet reads:

This bit from STAR WARS #28 was inspired by the time I met @MarkHamill. NY Comicon, backstage. Me, a few pals, their kids.
When we met him, Mark *immediately* bent down and greeted the kids first. Chatted, gave them all the time in the world.
Their faces looked just like this:

Charles Soule uploaded on Twitter, Star Wars #28
Charles Soule uploaded on Twitter, Star Wars #28

Comic creator Soule posted a panel from Star Wars #28 where Luke Skywalker was chatting up some kids after introducing himself to them. The character was bent down, with his face paying full and close attention if the kids were alright.

Luke rescued a family who managed to flee from the second Death Star In Star Wars #28, and after dodging blaster fire, he immediately checks up on the children to make sure they were safe and sound before investigating further. Soule recalls Hamill acting the exact same way when he met with the kids at the mentioned Comic-con.


Mark Hamill first played Luke Skywalker when he was 24, and has built his career ever since. Besides Luke, he has also lent his voice as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and other DC projects. It is quite wonderful to find that even creators post this kind of off-screen inspirations based on the actors’ characteristics. It is all the more satisfying to see that the very actor playing the kind and noble Luke Skywalker remains to be the real deal even out of character.

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